The Deck is Calling but will we ever get there…

The Deck is Calling but will we ever get there…

Ironically this is the first time YHC has had the opportunity to Q since taking over as co-site Q of Bagpipe – mainly due to injury. YHC was SO glad to be able to share some of the muscle memory with the PAX as it was the perfect morning to go on an adventure. Well…not too much of an adventure but enough to make some of the early mumblechatter wonder where we were going and if we would end up in a deck since the sprinkle was starting to melt away some of the manly PAX’s egos. But I digress.

Lets take a step back for a moment…

When YHC first pulled in there was already some mumble as to if YHC would show, this was even further exacerbated by the fact that the PAX refused to circle up where they usually do and were meandering through the Vine parking lot like a pack of dogs that lost their Alpha. Unfortunately for them that Alpha never showed but YHC did, and in some aspect was able to untangle the web of confusion that helped in regaining the PAX’s confidence in YHC – only for a little while that is.

This is where the confusion really began…Paper Jam yelling that this is definitely not SWIFT was one comment I heard (but not sure why he cares since he is definitely a runner and enjoys this sh*t) as we ran about .8 miles before warming up. Luckily for the PAX that warm up run was all downhill. Unfortunately for the PAX, if they truly wanted to see the warmth and comfort of the parking deck they would have to climb back out. So that’s what we did after completing a few merkins, side straddle hops and squats.

So about another mile in (12min 47sec later) we found ourselves at the deck. Immediately we jumped into what YHC had planned for the main event. Ok, so I called 5 rounds for this and I think we realistically only had time for 2 but WTH. So this is what we did. At the bottom of the deck we partnered up. Wheelbarrow to the top of the first hill, 10 hand slap merkins. Run opposite staircase as partner to top where you meet up and complete another wheelbarrow (opposite partner) followed by 10 hand slap sit ups. Repeato.

We had a little time left over so we put in a little leg work with peoples chair and counted until YHCs legs about collapsed.

Mosey over to the nearest parking lot where we finished off with some Mary and headed back to COT.

Everyone looked strong out there today and FNG Disabled List (not sure how he got this but cant wait to find out) was out front right away. A Chunder groupie so no doubt he was going to be. Hard to be slow when you are 12 years old.

YHC had to make a quick exit so tagalong took the lead at COT – appreciate it brother! 19 was the count but missed 2. Sorry, if you know who you are feel free to comment below.



F3 Dads Charlotte Checkers on 3/17. Link is posted in SLACK, $23 per ticket. Contact Frasier for more info.

Date night this Saturday, look at the sign up genius MT posted on SLACK. Dinner and Escape Room

New 3rd F initiative: Sandbox. Look for the new F3 SLACK Channel “The_Sandbox”. Family members that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness need our help in facilitating small deeds. This could include yard work, travel, groceries, etc. GREAT OPPORUNITY to serve. Contact Soft Pretzel, Transporter or Flipper.

If you are old contact Mr. Bean. He says he has a workout that doesn’t include running, lifting or young guys nagging you. Its called The Fishing Hole and the first WO is this Thursday, 3/8 at Charlotte Catholic with Chelms on Q.

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BuckyPosted on12:55 am - Mar 8, 2018

Great having you at the helm 1-9er, both as site Q and Workut Q. Great workout thanks!

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