Well we’re movin on up, To the east side.

Well we’re movin on up, To the east side.

12 men gathered in the morning gloom for what would be the last Fast Twitch launched from South Charlotte Middle School.  No more will we have to fight the RFYL traffic to get a parking spot while they hustle down into pitch darkness on the track to log the miles at a 14 minute pace.  Usually running clockwise.

After last weeks trial run at Latin I figured a turn on the new track would be good for us.  And just to safeguard the school we all had to sign the waivers.  I didn’t want to kill a tree so I printed 4 waivers per page.  Just big enough to be legal, but way to small to actually read in the 5:15 darkness.  I’ll be using those today to adjust your Life Insurance beneficiaries to me.

Off we go down Woodfox and out to Raintree Ln.  At the bottom lot circle up for a few Imperial Walker and Low Slow Squats to stretch the muscles a bit.  From there head on your own to Providence Road.  Stop at each intersection for 10 merkins.  Mary until the six comes in.  Head into the Latin campus.  Mosey around in generally the correct direction until we find the track.  Interval time!!  200M hard, 200M recovery, 400M hard, 200M recovery, 800M hard, 200m recovery, 400M hard, 200M recovery 200M hard and 400M recovery to get us back to the starting point.  Mary while we wait on the six.

In comes the Hawk’s Nest crew on a “not so clandestine” trial run.  Fist bumps, hand shakes, and other pleasantries were exchanged.  The Fast Twitch crew had to roll out.  Less than 2o minutes to make it home.  Head back the way we came with a few intervals along the street of hard running followed by some mosey.


So today was Purple Haze’s last day as the Fast Twitch second assistant administrative under-secretary to the Fast Twitch Site Q.  He’s done a fine job and with Turkey Leg and Rachel it’s a great group of guys who come out every week to get better at running, talk a little smack, and generally have fun (in a “I friggin’ hate this running crap! sort of way.)  I am sure he’ll still be out there every week with us.  Unless he pulls another Tiger Rag and goes AWOL on us for 6 months like he did a year or so ago.  I think the pain of posting is easier than a bunch of nagging PAX hitting you upon text and Twitter DM to get back out.

So next week Purell takes over.  We have shortened his title from what Haze had to “Site Q.”  He seems like a nice guy.  Hard to tell.  He’s always so far out in front I don’t get to chat with him much.  My guess is that if you have a Running site Q’ed by Rachel and Purell no one will confuse it for easy.

We also head to our new launch point, the Charlotte Latin Middle School.  T-Claps for Hops, Crotch Rocket, Doc McStuffins and a few others who helped pull some strings to get us on campus.  Still close enough for us to run Raintree, but far enough that it should offer some new courses for us to find.  We will launch at the standard 5:15 and the Hawk’s Nest Bootcamp will launch at 5:30.  We will do a common COT at 6:15.  The format has worked great over in Ballantyne for several years and we are looking forward to it here.  And we finally get to appease Hops who has been begging for a Tuesday bootcamp FOREVER.

Oh, and my apologies to Semi-Gloss.  It doesn’t appear the new AO has the Palace you are accustom to for your pre-workout regimen (that is when you come back out FT).  Although, it appears Rachel has been keeping the SCMS warm in your absence.


Thanks to Purple Haze for the take out.



Fast Twitch:  Purell is new Site Q.  Launch at 5:15 next week from Charlotte Latin Middle School lot (entrance off Raintree Ln)






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BushwoodPosted on10:10 pm - Mar 7, 2018

We all knew this move was inevitable when the Donut Run launched and became the best F3 run workout that offers donuts. We are busy working on our franchise model to capture additional royalties from Dunkin Donuts. The future is bright. Hope you guys survive down there at the fortress of Catholics.

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