Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater

A group of 5 gathered on a morning that felt more like February weather. YHC likes to think the small turnout was because others were intimidated but some of the usual crew was actually experimenting something cool.  More to come on that in future weeks. Guess you should have posted to know more.

One mile warm up run down Strawberry to Rosecliff and then Coburn.  Next up was a triple, triple up and down the Coburn Hill. (Same as triple nickel but 3 reps) 5 merkins at both the top and bottom.

Continue to Bevington for the main event.  Run to first speed hump for 5 merkins. Run back for 5 jump squats. Run ahead for 2 speed humps for 5 merkins and back 1 speed hump for 5 jump squats. Continue until rea road (total of 5 speed humps).

Run back to coburn for some Mary.  30 merkins from what YHC can remember. Gets fuzzy after waiting a week to write this. Run to 51 and to Davey park for some more Mary. 20 heels to heaven. Run back to launch for 20 flutter kicks and done!

This BB was a buzzer beater. One once said it’s legal as long as it’s posted before the next weeks workout. 6 miles total and a route not taken for some time. During the bevington run some guy pulled to the side of the road by one of the ponds. He got out and threw something into the water. Super shady and poptart mentioned a bloody knife and maybe a glove.  Kind of nice with the small group. YHC did some Q’ing from the six. Great work by all!

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