Wake the Neighbors – new PAX edition

Wake the Neighbors – new PAX edition

26 PAX tried to make sure the Ballantyne Country Club was wide awake at 0515 this past Tuesday morning.  We took the free tour with a format very affectionately known as the 2/1/:30.


  • pre Warm-up run at 0500 was heavily attended and made the 0515 start group look small.
  • standard warm-up start time of 0515 looked like a convergence in the parking lot with all kinds of old and new faces not seen in quite a while.  Was beginning to think it was for the Pancakes promised at TimeKeeper’s 0630 start time, but we’d have to wait and see.  We moseyed over and up Ben Nevis with a regroup point at the Western Ballantyne Commons PKWY entrance to Ballantyne CC.
  • commence warm-up exercises at about 0525 with standard fare of walking on the heels, toes, high knees, and butt kicks as we made our way deeper into Ballantyne CC.
  • Begin the 2/1/:30 with instructions that we were headed for the pedestrian tunnel under 521.  What is the 2/1/:30 – elaborate in timing, short in recovery, and dastardly-hard workout when done over hills.   It consists of 2 minutes “Hard” effort, 1 minute recovery to regroup the PAX, 1 minute “Hard” effort, 30 seconds to regroup the PAX, 30 seconds “Hard” effort, 30 seconds to recover before starting right back into the 2 minute “Hard” again.
  • We made it 2+ rounds (three of the 2minute intervals) before taking the pedestrian trail and tunnel under Hwy 521.  Upon exiting the other side, we did two more full rounds and were finally at the Eastern Ballantyne Commons PKWY entrance to Ballantyne CC.
  • As we were 1 mile from home with ample time on our hands (15 minutes or so) and worn out from the 2/1/30, instructions were given for a Progression Run back to COT.  Take the short or long way, but end up back by 0615 at the Vine.  Progression Run was loosely instructed as try to mentally pick it up every 1 to 2 minutes with effort.  Start slow and give yourself some pace to build to, but don’t let up until you’re done.
  • Many PAX took the long route back past Premier and the Aloft Hotel.  While we got a little strung out, it was impressive to see everyone pushing themselves and trying to catch Citgo on the way to the fitness trail.  Once everyone had their share of trying to regain their breath again after chasing down Citgo’s sub 6:00/mi pace, we did a flyby of the Bagpipe PAX squating in the woods, took a lap around Lochness, and then raced the Bagpipe PAX back to the Vine lot.
  • Looking at the Strava Fly-by was informative for this last part.  Had no idea that Tuck and Rock Thrill decided to try to get in one more hill by bypassing the fitness trail and then choosing their own adventure on the way back to COT.  Not sure if they took the recommended partner (“no one go alone”), but both were found safely back at COT.


  • This 2/1/:30 is all about effort and a way to break up a perfectly decent run.  It is sneaky in its accumulation of intervals and is one of the few things that makes 2 minutes seem like a really long time.  Not sure why we’re always doing it over the hills of the Ballantyne Country Club, other than it’s an easy planned route, well lit, and there are areas to bail out and shorten or lengthen the course depending on the crowd.
  • Shoutout to all of the newer Swift PAX:
    • It was awesome to have first time Swift PAX Kirby take this on today.  “Just keep moving forward” was all he needed to get through that 5 mile course and prove to himself that it’s just another workout that any PAX can handle.  It’s never easy, even for YHC, for it’s still you vs. you, but certainly there’s satisfaction looking back on your 5, 6, 7, or 8 mile accomplishment from 60-75 minutes of work.
    • Flipper finally said snooze button be damned and showed at Swift.  Despite the usual first-timer comments on the funny warm-up exercises, he stuck through it and finished strongly.
    • Despite Bare Naked being subjected to this particular workout from YHC years ago, he returned to the Gloom to find he still had it and several compatriots there to suffer through it with him.
    • Laronda and Blackbeard also proved they weren’t one trick ponies and showed up to tackle Swift again.  By the way Laronda was stretching afterwards, he’s either really young and limber, or he’s going to feel that one for serveral days.
    • Even Madison snuck in there.  But since he seems to be everywhere these days, it’s hard to think he’s not been out there before.
  • The rest of the PAX (exception to Bunker and Fire Hazard who had a bro-date at the front of the group most of the morning, no one’s quite sure what they did) are seasoned vets at this stuff and pushed hard up, down, and through Ballantyne CC.  Perhaps not many neighbors were woken up with all of the frequent shouting of humps, bumps, and hoes, but all the PAX left feeling like Ballantyne CC owed them something after the workout.  Well done all!




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