Q School @ Cuthbertson Middle

Q School @ Cuthbertson Middle

9 PAX got schooled today at Cuthbertson Middle School in the chilly wind, Q’d by Dasher at the front of the sleigh: Ole MacDonald, Posse, Bullwinkle, Bonhoeffer, Dasher, Maple Syrup, Recalculating, Radar, Foley

The Warmup

@ parking lot … every student leading aN exercise

  1. sidestraddle hops X 21
  2. Imperial walkers X 15
  3. mountain climbers X 21
  4. squats X 10
  5. merckens X 10

The Thang

  1. front of school … da dips … step-ups … merckens/derckens/inclines
  2. 7s at the HS stairs … jump squats & merckens
  3. Lots of training at the stations.
  4. Return to launch.
  5. McDonald’s Coffeeteria for walkthrough of packet and teaching.
  6. El fin.


After already having Q’d a number of times, it was great to officially get trained. Good job, Dasher, for leading with whoever the other guy was (Posse?)!

In front parking lot, lots of good stuff about not leaving PAX behind and taking charge.

Mosey to the benches at the front of the school where we did 25 dips that were really 50 on a 4-count. Tricky. Then 25 step-ups total, not each leg. Finished off with a triple of derckens, merckens, and incline merckens.

Teaching about planning activities for those PAX who lead the pack so they get a full workout.

Mosey a little further to the stairs where we rocked some 7s, starting with 1 jump squat at bottom and 6 merckens at top.

Teaching about helping the leaders modify with extra reps or doing 11s, starting at 4.

Radar finally joined us right before we moseyed back to the start.

Then we car-moseyed to Mickey D’s to skim through our packets and get teached some more good stuff about planning out workouts, posting backblasts. Posse said he wrote the instruction packet, but like any typical classroom, he “borrowed” it all from other places and compiled it together into a pretty legit training doc. Basically WiF3pedia.

A PAX from Huntersville walked past us and got connected with us after moving down from the North side.

El fin.


  1. Spaghetti dinner fundraiser on 3/3/18 to raise money for family with lost husband. At fire station in Waxhaw.
  2. Bros, Brews, & Bibles 3rd F on Sunday, 3/4/18, from 6-8pm @ Growler USA by the Sun Valley 14 movie theatre.

In circle of trust, we closed with an inspirational quote from some President Guy whose name I can’t remember. It was good though, about being the dude in the ring actually doing the thang instead of being the critic on the outside. *rah rah, yeah*

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