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# PeoplesChoice NO AMRAP Vote (18-14)

Tolkien’s Two Cents

So it’s Holy week, and for some of you at this point of your life, this week may be significant to you or mean nothing at all, which is totally fine, I’m not judging.  But for me, it’s defining because I believe God sent His one and only son Jesus to die on the cross to redeem us, so that we may have eternal life in Heaven.  That’s just one sentence, but that’s a big sentence.

But I won’t go deep here in theology… simply imagine one man, any man, doing something selfless for a number of people.  Now imagine that man to be YOU.  Then MAKE that man be YOU.  Ask yourself if your greatest amount of joy in your life has come from you doing something for yourself, or for someone else.  I hope the answer is someone else, and that it would therefore be common sense for you to keep on living Third.  That’s the definition of a High Impact Man #HIM. Strive to be one…Everyday.

“If you cannot feed 100 people, feed just one” – Mother Theresa

“If you cannot feed 100 people, feed just one… BUT make sure that mouth isn’t yours” – Tolkien modification

Have a great Holy Week and Spring Break All.


YHC was at The Brave, which could only mean one thing…. AMRAP that YHC was the Q.  Bunch of the usual whiners on Slack about whether today was going to be an AMRAP or not, and that’s getting old… so none of that to be discussed here. 32 PAX voted in total, 13 showed up for the actual workout…. #StuffedBallots.


Pax weren’t fooled from the start… everyone knew where we were going, AMRAP or no AMRAP… and headed straight for Room 101, the new 8 story parking deck.  It’s the best thing in Ballantyne… well, other than lunch at Blue Taj, which will also give you the sh!tz… (getting offtrack).

We lunged, backwards-ran, karaoked, side-shuffled, and ran up the deck and stairs 5times and got 5+ miles in today.  Threw in some merkin variations, attempted pullups #shortarms on the ledge, and some 6-inch LBC’s #General’sFavorite .  We worked hard together, got the 6, and got back to launch by 0615.  Good times.


YHC enjoyed working out with the group of men this morning, as its been probably close to 2 months since YHC has posted this way due to some health issues being worked through (thanks for your thoughts and prayers).  Erector with his virgin post at The Brave and crushed it.  Madison hasn’t stopped slowing down since P200, but now that he’s found a job we’ll see if his significant progress slows down. Cobbler posting at The Brave for his 5th straight post, and making no excuses but just grinding it out. 4/6 P200 Teammates, fresh off their 4th place Ultra Finish put in some training work for 2019 (Mario, Kid Rock, Madison, Tolkien)… man that was a great experience! Frasier again was super supportive of everyone and seemed to enjoy running with lots of pax.  Hollywood loves the parking deck, and showed up for the last AMRAP YHC Q’d… dude is just a beast.  Fire Hazard runs as fast backwards, as he does forwards… wait… does that make him even fast? Mr. Bean was still flapping his gums all morning, even with his braces (which is against British law), but part of the flapping was from the wind in his face from crushing the workout.  Fallout and No Regerts secretly were watching the 6… YHC. Enron… did YHC beat you to posting the Brave backblast?!? You get one day of grace period for showing this morning.

A true pleasure to lead and working out with you men this morning.  YHC has missed the 1st F. Keep up the good work and keep #accelerating.



  • Check out the upcoming race schedule on and show up to 1 race this year… that’s it. A few upcoming, specifically Sarcoma Stomp on 4/28 and Patriot Family Festival on Memorial Day.
  • F3 Dads Camping Trip 4/13-3/15 – Thanks Frasier for leading this. Check Slack channel for more details.
  • F3 Dads Summer Camp sign u… nevermind… it sold out in less than a day #yousnoozeyoulose
  • Sign up to Q The Brave and lead other men at the toughest SOB workout.
  • Lots of other things but can’t remember… heading DR for Spring Break so need to pack!

SYITG ~JRR Tolkien

Where did you get the hoses?

Luckily I look at my schedule and realized I had the Q this week so I didn’t take out the firehouse I loaded up for my Q last week.  I just got the hoses from Gyspy and trying to find creative ways to change up the workouts.  I was running late as usually and parked down by the track to unload my gear, and hauled ass to the front to meet the Pax.  I was the last one to show up for my own Q.

The Thang:

Mosey around front of school for a 400+ yd warm up.

20 x SSH, 20 x IW, 20 x Merkin

Mosey to center of track to begin the station work.  Luckily I had come up with 10 stations and 9 Pax posted so I got lucky the numbers worked out.

Station 1: Curls with 45 lb kettlebell

Station 2: Run a lap (timer)

Station 3: Grandma

Station 4: Toes to Bar on playground

Station 5: Run stadium stairs dragging 55lb hose

Station 6: Knee up on playground

Station 7: Battling Hose Station

Station 8: LBCs

Station 9: Upright rows with 35lbs kettlebell

This was my first Q at Joust in awhile so thanks Yeti for the invite.  I brought the hoses out to mix it up. I think it worked relatively well, except the stations were too far apart and timer took too long.  Everyone got 1 round, and I was hoping for 2.  Each exercise worked as planned, but need to shrink the timeframe.  Enjoyed seeing some of the guys I don’t get to see very often (Yeti, Dollywood, Sanka, Baracus, Puddin Pop)  As a side note I think Sanka was hitting on me during our circle time in the middle of the field as he was noticing my physique.  I reminded him I wear smedium shirts to look bigger.  No joke.

Thanks for the take out Squid.

Island Hopping

10 men gathered this fine spring morning despite what Cantore said last night. Some rain did eventually come during the workout, but it was refreshing and made Mary more fun.

The Thang

After a brief disclaimer, we were off and running. Right on Little and then right on Carmel. Cross Carmel then 51 and head to the back of the business park behind BofA. Stop at the rock pile near the back exit. Everyone grab a multipurpose rock and circle up for COP. COP went like this:

-SSH x 10 IC, 15 curls with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Imperial Walkers x 10 IC, 15 tricep extensions with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Low Slow Squats x 10 IC, 15 thrusters with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Merkins x 10 IC, 15 flutter presses with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

Take the rock over to the nearest traffic island and line up. Main set went like this:

-Run your rock to the next traffic island. Stop for 5 Merkins with right hand on rock and 5 Merkins with left hand on rock. Repeat for the next 4 islands for a total of 5. Leave the rock at the 5th island. Run back to the start.


-To retrieve our rocks left at the other end, we went out of the business park exit. Took a right on Carmel Commons. Went up the hill and then entered back into the business park near where the rocks were left. Grabbed the rocks, 10 thrusters, run the rock back to the start.


The entire sequence above was repeated 2 more times, but with 5 jump over rock burpees for round 2, and 5 rockies for round 3 substituting for the Merkins at the island stops.

Time was getting short so return the rocks and head back to the launch.


Naked Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning. There was some hard work getting done. Over 3 miles of running with lots of rock work and burpees. Hope everyone got something out of it. Enjoyed leading today.


Operation Sweet Tooth 8k coming up on 4/21

Richard Sheltra 5k coming up on 4/28




Firemen in training

13 men came to a church parking lot to unexpectedly tug on my fire hose.


Mosey across campus to Life Center.

COP: 15x SSH IC, 15x IW IC, 15 Low Slow Squats, civilian count merkins:

diamond x10

wide arm x10

shoulder width x10

right leg high x10

left leg high x10

peter parker x10

(Insert grumbling and comments about not having to prove myself here)

The Thang:

Mosey to the North Face for some triple nickel: Hand release burpees at the top x5, loop around the hill to the bottom for 5 lunges each leg, 5 total loops. MARY while waiting on the six, extra special thanks to Purple Haze for the 10 count here… it was out of respect, don’t read too much into it. I swear I didn’t lobby for your Fast Twitch Secretary Site Q title.

Mosey to the rock pile by the baseball fields to select a “lifting rock we are going to move.” Mosey with the rock to the avenue of the trees where we were greeted by two 55 pound fire hoses, neatly laid out and ready for fun. PAX split in 2 groups, one person drags the hose to the first light (unless you are Rachel and Brilleaux who had to show us all up), rope pull with alternating arms, then take the hose back to the group. While the group is anxiously waiting their turn with the hose they will perform the following with the rocks:

Shoulder raises x20

Squat thrusters x20

OH press x20

Tea bag squats x20

Tri extensions x20

One legged RDLs x10 each leg

Everyone got a turn with the hose and 3 rounds of rock work in.

Return the rocks, 10 Right arm staggered merkins, 10 left arm staggered merkins, 10 christian laetner merkins, 10 regular merkins. Mosey back to launch, 5 burpees OYO, DONE.



Glad I was able to introduce a majority of the PAX to my fire hoses, courtesy of Gypsy. I will say that this was my 4th workout with them, and they never disappoint and are always good for a beat down. If anyone would like to borrow them, let me know, as the M would love to see them out of the garage. Some good chatter today with highlights being McGee’s butt rash and making fun of Haze. McGee is asking for his kid, or so he says. Sounds just like asking for a friend, just sayin’. Don’t take it personal Haze, I always said if people don’t make fun of you they don’t like you.

Several forms of comments this morning about this not being my first Q, nothing to prove, etc. Thank you all for the flattery, I sincerely appreciate it. I know there are numerous times in the middle of the workouts that we all question why the hell we wake up at the time we do to put ourselves through continuous torture, and there is never a doubt in my mind that it is to mentally and physically better each other through the brotherhood that is created by the shared downpainment. In my mind there is no better way to start the day and I truly appreciate each and every one of the PAX.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout and the opportunity to lead these fine young men.


Pray for the Bout Time’s family as they head off to Nashville and are about to start a marrow transplant from his 5 year old sister Caroline. Amazing courage and selflessness shown by her.

F3 license plates – need at least 300 to gain approval:






Sleep is over rated.. just ask the P200 teams

1201 AM:  When the day of Q starts with you still 90 miles away from home, you know it is going to be rough.  As I ponder the various ways to explain why I fartsacked my Q for Sparta, I kept coming back to the realization that no valid reason short of my Truck driving off this ridiculously curvy interstate 26 in the mountains of TN would work considering the Site Q participated on an Ultra team in the P200 only days before.  (seriously though… the TN DOT must have some crazy law on the book that interstates can’t be straight for more than a half mile before a curve is randomly placed in it. Smokey can you confirm this idea?)  After way to much coffee to get me home, I had the dreadful realization that what kept me awake for the drive home was now keeping me awake while I’m trying to sleep.. !@#$%&.

Solid 2.5 hrs of sleep and time to get the Speed For Need (SPN) Chariot trailer loaded onto the Gypsy-mobile.  Again, thinking trough how much crap I would get if I FartSacked, YHC decides that the Great Q in the sky has placed me in this situation for a reason and I committed to the PAX a SPN training post… So off I go.

WE all know the Great sky Q has a since of humor at times… but today this day was not one that I really wanted to be tested… however, YHC was for sure being tested as to if I would follow through with the commitment or not.

430 AM:  Headlamp on trying to get the dang key into the trailer hitch lock and the tummlers are not working…  Way to sleepy to think of something simple like use WD40 to help… many choice words and various 4 letter ones were used to describe this inanimate object at 430 in the morning and yet for some reason it still did not work.  (Could have been a very easy reason to cancel the post and go back to bed)

445 AM Time to improvise…pull 2 Chariots out and load them into the back of the truck.

455 AM Thank goodness I have been doing F3 for a while now… although the chariots are not heavy, they are awkward to lift solo into the back of your truck.  All those morning random coupon posts have finally paid off…Send a message to the Site Q and let him know I’m on the way.

515 AM pull in right on time to start.  The intent was a Chariot training post meaning the wienke was short.

The Thang:

Show how the Chariots work.

  • How to adjust the handles
  • How to put on the front tire and which side it goes on
  • How much air goes in the tires
  • Where the break is
  • ETC

Pair up by height so the handles are set properly and time to roll.  Release the break and off on a F2 pace 5K+ run with very limited exercises to retain the “Boot-Camp” tag for the AO.  (A few merkins, Hill-Billies, Low Slow Squats, and SSH.)

My choice for where we were going to the get the kilometers in was a reallllly bad idea due to the steepness of the hills. Time to call an audible and mosey around the neighborhood (Thank you Madison for taking lead on the directions for this) until we get back to the AO.  Finish up with some stretching, circle up for COT, load Chariots back in the truck, and time to place this post in the history books!!


Lots of lessons for YHC on this one.

  1. Make sure to look at family calendar BEFORE signing up for a Q
  2. Prepare the equipment the day before (including the coffee)
  3. Shake-N-Bake in a Chariot as you push up a hill is one hell-of-a workout
  4. Christmas and Madison would make a stellar two-man SPN team (Hint-Hint)
  5. Two Chariots will fit in the back of a Standard truck bed regardless of what Tolkien tells you
  6. HANG on tight when pushing down hills…your pace will pick up, but let it cuz you will need it for the momentum up the next hill
  7. Sleep is not needed when you have Q-drinaline

As Always:  Thank you all for everything you do every day


YHC Gypsy


I’ll have a Bloody Mary and a steak sandwich and… a steak sandwich, please.

13 men gathered in a soggy parking lot for the weekly assault on the urban oasis that is Waverly. Pro tip: don’t try to scout this AO during the dinner rush – lots of people driving their giant SUVs to the latest trendy fast casual restaurants. McGee says the happy hour at Ted’s Montana Grill is a good deal, but apparently because the food is bad. I hear that Alf hangs out at the Carolina Ale House. Anyway, FNG in attendance, so the disclaimer was really good. The FNG (Kozar) said he posted a few years ago and even went to a movie with F3 guys, but doesn’t remember his name (sure). Onward…

Mosey over to a parking lot towards the front for a cursory warmup. It was hard to hear the counting over Busch’s chatter – he has a lot of stuff to talk about at 5:30. Over to the parking deck for the first real action. Partner up – one partner up that staircase, the other partner up the other staircase. Meet at the top for 10 hand slap merkins. Back down the stairs, 10 more merkins. We did that three times.

Over to the fancy park area with some very nice fake grass that is either for the kids to play on or for dogs to pee on. Partner 1 does derkins and dips while partner 2 does the stairs again. Flapjack and repeat with incline merkins and jump ups. Some Mary to recover a bit. Then yog out of the shopping area, past the Mattress Firm (empty at 6:00 am like it is at 6:00 pm), then gather at the top of the best hill we could find.

Suicides on that hill with jump squats at each driveway. Over to a nearby wall for jump ups and merkins, then another set of suicides. Run back over the launch for a little Mary to wrap things up.

Good work by the PAX this morning. The rain mostly held off until the end. I appreciate the feedback I received from Alf, McGee and others during the workout. Iron sharpens iron.

Russians rigged the AMRAP

The Q in charge had no choice but to move back the start time based on all the moaning and groaning.

AMRAP was started in the rain – PAX took to the course:

maddog -4.2

Damascis – 4.2

Bottlecap – 5.1

Hooch – 4.2

Fusebox – 4.0

Xerox – 3.6

Recalc – 4.2

Possee – 4.  Solo lost at 5:30

Maddog dog took us out

family F3 still in the works – BC


all I got



“The Rippin’ and the Tearin”  Hedo Rick

When: 3/29/18

QIC: Sleepy

Pax:  Bob Villa, Hippa, Marge, Queen, Puddin Pop, One Eye, Lewinsky, Slum Dog, Semi Gloss, Scratch and win, Hopper, Gum Nut, Floor Slapper, Spare Parts (FNG)

First warm Thursday this spring.  After the disclaimer we were off

The Thang:

Moseyed down into OP headed to the parking lot behind the eye doc’s office near HT.  During the run we stopped 4 times and did the following exercises starting with burpees and then adding an exercise with the prescribed number or reps at each additional stop. last set (LBC) was preformed in the parking lot:

5 burpees
20 (each leg) reverse lunge
30 merkins
40 squats
50 LBC

much bellyaching was heard this morning.
at a stop, one of the pax inquired as to how many reps for that exercise and it made me recall how many times Hedo Rick had been to Hedonsism 2… 40 times!!!.. aggressive…

In the parking lot we did some Mary:
-imperial walker
-heels to heaven
-freddie mercury

At this point, anticipating the belly aching, i instructed the pax to head back to school the same way we came stopping periodically and again doing the aforementioned exercises.

Once back, we retrieved the coupons from the back of Big Red.  We alternated with the following exercises (using the coupons) and running a quick lap around the track after each set:
-pushup position row
-side raise
-front raise
-t push up
-sit up
-shoulder press

We finished with 10 burpees.

May 3-5 Mens Retreat at Camp Harrision, see Scratch and Win for details

It was nice to finally have some mild weather this morning.  As usual, I enjoyed the fellowship this morning.  Hope you all have a nice Easter Weekend.  Thanks for taking us out Scratch and Win.


6 pax posted for KB beatdown (2 even added a pre-run #masochist), but a scheduled Q was not among them.  No matter; we know how these cannonballs with handles work.  YHC volunteered to lead, and with no audible objections (groans don’t count), we were off.

The Thang

COP (aka warmup):

  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 15 Imperial Walkers – IC
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 15 Merkins – IC
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 10 Low Slow Squats – IC  (Q fail – shoulda been 15 but wasn’t thinking and inflected early)
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 3 Prying Squats (#crowdpleaser)
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R


Drill:  20 two-hand swings using golf towel as “handles”  (ensures firing of hips and discourages lifting of arms – plus it works your grip #bonus)


KB Flow of major KB exercises (lacking only the TGU #tearswereshed):

  • Flow = swing, snatch, clean, press, front squat
  • With Flipper-esque complexity & confusion, YHC explained we’d be using a running clock to keep us moving.
    • If your bell is heavy, to you, do one set (full flow listed above) on Left, then Right, then rest the balance of the minute.  Repeato at the top of each minute.
    • If your bell is moderate (ie – after one set per side it seems like you’re resting too long (~35 seconds)), then do two sets per side, then rest the balance of the minute.  Repeato at the top of each minute.
    • If your bell is light, do three sets per side, etc.
    • (for YHC, one set L/R took about 24 seconds, two sets took 45 seconds, & three sets about 65 seconds)
  • We went through about 5-6 rounds, then we did 6 sets with the pax rotating to their left each round using their neighbor’s bell, adjusting volume as needed depending on whether the bell was heavier or lighter to provide some waving of the load. (#KB201)

Playground Triple Nickel:

  • 5 pullups
  • 5 presses L/R
  • 5 sets


  • 10 snatches at the top of each minute (alternating sides each minute or 5/5 each minute)
  • 5-6 rounds of this

Cook Drill:

Starting with weaker side – waiter carry until just before form degrades, then racked carry until just before form degrades, and then suitcase carry until grip is shot.  Flapjack sides and return the way you came – waiter, racked, suitcase.



Announcements – signup for Dad’s Camp

Naked Moleskinne:

Heading DR for Spring Break, so this will be brief.  (#cobains)

Good work by all this morning.  Apologies for the excessive discussion of bell sizes – just wanted to ensure you were using an appropriate size to get something out of the exercise – once you understand the desired effect, your bell size selection is your choice.  #nojudgement

Orange Whip introduced us to the term “meat hands”, then promptly providing Exhibit A by ripping a callous off during the snatches.  Like a true meathead, he used a glove to contain the bloody tear and continued on with his work.

The dynamic duo of Purell and Rachel continued to show us they are more than speedy runners, with solid work & form.  Rachel was even rewarded with an extra set during the Triple Nickel for finishing early.

Alf & Fault Line launched their way-too-early BRR training season with a 3 mile pre-run, coming in sweating all over the place.  Thankfully, no bells were loosed from their sweaty meat hands.

High Tide made sure to use plenty of #hashtags (#Voodoowillbeproud) and encouraged everyone to take a turn on the heavier bells (such as Orange Whip on the 28 kg).

Thanks for playing along…aye.

Spring Break = Road Trip!

Editor’s note: Lois posting on behalf of Sensei. He apparently has already partied too hard on Spring Break …

10 fine men…

Well, gentlemen…

Well 10 men gathered at Peak 51 today to see what the first day of CMS spring break would behold. I guess it was the fact that it was finally shorts & t-shirts weather, or the excitement for spring break, or something since the mumble chatter started immediately. I’m not sure that anyone actually heard the disclaimer, but it is good enough for my mail order lawyer so we took off for the following.

The theme was spring break, so we moseyed to the parking lot beside Mac’s for COP. When leaving on a road trip you must eat well before you head out.

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Squats x 20

Then we went across John St. to the Post Office. One might possibly send a post card to Mom and Dad while on break telling them how it is quiet, you are getting studying done, etc.

  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Merkins x 10

We then left out of the back of the Post Office, up Charles St. and stopped at the Pizza Peel. Spring break, pizza, beer, ‘nuf said. Everyone partnered up for the following.

  • P1 does 10 Merkins, P2 does 10 LBCs
  • Flapjack w/ P1 doing 10 LBCs and P2 doing 10 Merkins
  • Repeato decreasing Merkins and LBCs until 1 each

Next stop was the library because…Well everyone agreed that spring break and the library had absolutely nothing in common. Much like studying, ab work is necessary but never fun.

  • Flutters x 15
  • Dolly x 15
  • Rosalita x 15

Partner Up

  • P1 run one way around traffic circle, P2 run the opposite direction
  • When you meet halfway, do 15 Squats, then continue around
  • Meet on the other side and do 15 CDDs

Repeato x 3 times

We then moseyed up to Trade St. and gazed longingly upon Brakeman’s Coffee before heading back towards the launch point. We detoured to Stumptown Park for some bench work.

  • Step Ups x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Dips x 15
  • Incline Merkins x 10

Repeato substituting Decline Merkins.

Head back across the street to the launch point where we practiced sprinting away from ALE officers. Tweetsie had to explain what these were, so obviously this is something he has much experience with.

3 rounds of AYG (about 50 yards) with a mosey recovery.

Finally we made it back to the launch point with 90 seconds remaining. We did nice slow Merkins until time was called.


  • Brew Ruck event this Saturday in Rock Hill. Reach out to Geraldo for further info.
  • Best of luck to Lumberjack on his trek to Mt. Everest to support LLS. He promised to get a video of him doing a Burpee at 18,000 feet and share it with everyone.
  • Richard Sheltra coming up the end of April.


Where to begin? YHC has been a part of F3 for almost 4 years now, and have never overslept. This is especially true when I was the Q, since, well let’s be honest, the excitement always has us up way before time to leave. Maybe knowing that someone is sitting in my driveway waiting on me has always been a good motivating factor for me as well. Today was a first, as I slept through my alarm and 2 texts from Slim Fast before my phone rang. “Are you coming or are you going to sleep all day.”

Fortunately I remembered to stuff my Weinke in my shorts on the way out the door and made it in time for an abbreviated prerun. Thanks Geraldo, Nomad and Tweetsie for waiting on me.

Nice work by everyone today. We got in about 2.2 miles. Myself, Slim Fast, Nomad, Lois and Tweetsie had a post workout coffee at Brakeman’s.

Excellent takeout by Slim Fast. God created the heavens and the earth, Mt. Everest and everything in between. We should all stop and appreciate the creations and wonders that are all around us.

In YHC’s reading this week, I have spent time thinking of how 2,000 years ago Jesus knowingly and willingly walked to his death for each one of us. He is fully God and fully man, so was feeling the same emotions we would feel, and He did it anyways. We all know the Easter story, but my challenge to everyone is to stop for more than a moment and try to let that set in. We can never thank Him enough for grace, but we can do what He asked of us, go spread the good news. I hope everyone has a good Easter. He is risen. He is risen, indeed.