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Raiders from the North

When the call went out that Dromedary was going to be leaderless, YHC from the Northern Territory saw an opportunity to rush down across the border for some UC territorial assault. So, with my best Shakespeare impression, “Once more unto the breach dear friends…” – I jumped into the fray as their morning Q. With a Bratwurst and Tuck’s humid Pre-Run (or as Tuck put it – just sweaty people) along with 15 other men for 17 total – we set off to conquer the pit of misery (actually the plush grass of the practice football fields).

War Tactics:

  • After a 1.5 minute ‘Oops’ delay and a quick disclaimer, we mosey’ed from a flat and well-lit area, to an inclined and dark area for warm ups: SSH x 20, Merkins x 10, IW x 20.
  • After that we Mosey’ed over and around the middle school to the football practice fields where we elbow planked on the softest grass in the entire AO; maybe in all of F3 (Not on purpose but I’ll take credit). After the 6 arrived, instructions given for our first exercise:
    • Line up across the sideline. Do called exercise and sprint to far sideline for elbow plant unto the 6 arrives and planks. Rounds were as follows:
      • LBC x 25
      • Flutter x 20
      • Heels to Heaven x 25
      • Dolly x 20
      • Rosalita x 25
      • Box Cutters x 20
      • Chippy Cross x 25
      • Freddy Mercury x 20
    • Short work for a longer distance to travel, but the grass was worth it.
    • Mosey back around to the lunch room patio at Marvin Middle for many dips and a few step ups until the 6 arrives.
    • Mosey back down to the rock pile and partner up. One lifting rock per team.
    • Partner 1 does a called exercise while partner 2 runs to the far end of the parking lot, and back to relieve them. Flap Jack. Get at least 25 reps each, but lift until your partner returns. Rounds here as follows:
      • Curls
      • Overhead Press
      • Triceps Extensions.
      • Triple Lindy
      • Thrusters were on tap, but we were running out of time. Dang 1.5 minute delay because of YHC socializing. Cobains!
    • Mosey back to launch and bust out 30 LBC’s before we’re done.

War Journal:

  • Not that anyone’s keeping count, but this largely unknown territory to the North Country city slickers had today (and typically has) the largest contingent of pax posting week in and week out between UC, SOB, and A51. TClaps to Bratwurst and Goodfella for their leadership in growing this awesome and diverse AO.
  • Speaking of growth – Goodfella brought out a FNG – Troy Cartegina (sp) or now known as YoAdrian! (my own exclamation point, how can you not say it without?)
  • Everyone was pushing hard today, and you can see the physical growth of many. What’s even better, there’s a lot of great support for each other.
  • Good takeout my Money Ball.
  • Thanks for letting me lead!

Upcoming Skirmishes:

  • It’s 5K racing season starting up. Speed for Need has a ton of racing coming up. Run Jen Run is the first race of the season (actually 2nd – Joe Davis was the 1st). Richard Sheltra, many more. Sign up for one or many and ask to push a track commander in the chariot.
  • Marvin Ridge – Run for the Ridge 5K at the end of March. Speed for Need will be there, but no track commanders as of yet. Let Bratwurst know if you have anyone in mind.
  • Bro-lympics is this Saturday at Weddington HS – be there at 5:30
  • Church on the Street – shameless plug and Q leverage – you need to do this! It will humble you, and we all need that. M and 2.0 are welcome!
  • Q School is scheduled for Saturday 3/3 from 7-9AM. This is for anyone who wants to know more about the method to our madness. We’ll go over cadence, tailoring workouts, help with backblasts, and some basis of why we do what we do. Below is the link to sign up.
  • Many 3rd F opportunities are being started up, or have been happening. Great small groups together with other F3 men and/or otherwise:
    • Johnny Utah is starting one – Week from Thursday at Chimney’s clubhouse: 7:30-8:30PM. Book reading – “Disciplines of a Godly Man” Contact him for details
    • Bottlecap and Money Ball have started one Sunday morning 7-7:45AM at Lawson Clubhouse
    • The Sanctuary is Monday evenings 7:30-8:30 at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor in Wesley Chapel.

“Watching” a podcast and Fake News (not related)

16 of the very finest in all of F3 (not just South Charlotte) gathered for another rendition of Anvil.   It was easy – relatively speaking (like compared to a marathon).  Proper disclaimer given as Q recently “Watched” an F3 pod cast (more later) and we headed out.

The Thang:

Mosey to other side of parking lot for some COP – Slow lunges X10, Merkins X10, Stagger Right X10, Stagger Left X10, CDD X10, Mountain Climbers X10, Slow Squats X10.

Head over to the pavilion for some non-running work.   100 decline merkins, 200 dips, and 300 squats (break up into sets as you see fit).

Down to the field for the main event – Modified Beast (only 5 rounds)

Run down the field stopping three times at the soccer goals to perform 10 of called exercise, touch far fence, and head back to start but stop again at each soccer goal for 10 of called exercise at each goal.  Threw in some Mary after each round to allow the Six to catch their breath.

  1. Imperial walkers
  2. American Hammer (I know the field was wet – it’s not supposed to be easy or comfortable)
  3. Squats
  4. Flutter
  5. ?? – I was in a fog at this point and forget what we did (we did do 5 didn’t we?)

Mosey over to the rock pile and grab a decent size rock for COP

  1. Flutter with rock extended behind head X20
  2. Protractor (legs and rock)
  3. American hammer X15
  4. Dolly with rock extended behind head X20
  5. 20 curls, push presses, and tricep extensions
  6. 10 curls push presses, and tricep extensions

Mosey back to launch point and finish with 30 seconds of burpees

Naked moleskin:

The Q was thoroughly teased about the robust disclaimer I gave (I was worried several of the pax might not be able to handle my workout).   I mentioned I had “watched” a F3 podcast on proper disclaimers and was teased some more about “watching”.    It was on the internet and I used a browser to “listen” so technically I was watching and listening.  Whatever

Great to see Snowflake out since it’s been a long time since he posted at Centurion.  Something about a better workout now on Friday morning somewhere else but we all know that is not possible so it must be dementia setting in.  Good mix of old timers and relative new comers with one FNG.    John Van Horton (hope I got that right) was brought out by Dora and said he was from Russia.    We knew Drago had been taken and couldn’t recall Drago’s coach so we went with Mickey (Rocky’s coach).    Afterward, I was thinking thru this and came up with many alternatives – Fake News, Seige (Stalingrad), Comrade, Tundra, Gulag, Czar.    I’m open to changes if the PAX likes any of these or has another suggestion – I think we have 24 hours to change it.   Problem is most of these might draw unwanted attention from the FBI and we (well, Purple Haze and Run Stopper) don’t want that kind of attention.

The combo sets of 100, 200, 300 were supposed to be done when the first guy reached the total.   I wasn’t even counting because I thought Rachel would be faster.   I’m pretty sure I did 120, 230, and 350.



Run Jen Run 10k coming up in early March so sign up and get out there.

Great news for Jennings Palmer (Bout Time’s son) but he has more treatments and will still have a bone marrow transplant.   Keep praying for continued progress and God’s strength for the entire family.

As always, privilege and an honor to lead you guys this am





Merkins and an opportunity to lose some teeth

4 intrepid souls for the pre-run in perfect running temperature, then 10 more for the main event:

Warm up:

SSH x 15

IW x 15

6in Plank Jacks x 10

LSS x 15

Mosey over to St. Matt’s Fountain

Run around St Matt’s, stopping at all 10 speed bumps:

 R1:  Alternate 10 Merkins, 5 Jump Squats

Mary while waiting for 6

R2: 2 Burpees at every Bump

R3:  Only 3 speed Bumps – 15 squats at each.

 Lunge Walk over to Stairs, Bear Crawl up stairs, lunge walk over to school.

 Shuttle-run type sprints over to 1st island, 2nd island, end of lot.

 High Knees back to stairs, Bear crawl down stairs, lunge walk to speed bump. 

 AYG to Fountain

 Circle up for Mary, Dealer’s Choice

Chippy Cross, Heels-to-heaven, Rosalita, Heels-to-heaven, 6 inches, pistol crunches, maybe some others

 Mosey back to Launch Point

 Merkin-Wave Circle



Not a running-light workout but we were able to get in some good upper body pain along with  about 2.5miles.  Always a solid group at this AO and I appreciate the opportunity to lead.


BROLYMPICS!  if you are in town, sign up to compete or to volunteer.

Run Jen Run March 3.  First Speed for Need run of the Yar.  Contact Frasier and/or JRR Tolkien if you can push one of the 8 Chariots.  Please consider running/pushing/cheering.

Just stick your @ss out! (Late Backblast)

3 Pax for the pre-run and 3 more for the Main event.

YHC has not Q’d in a little while so the disclaimer was given a little extra emphasis and off we went.


Mosey around building for a little warm-up

SSH x 15

Moroccan Night clubs x 15

LSS x 15

IW x 15

(I think)


Part Uno:

Partner up

P1 pullups

P2 Abyss Merkins on the kettlebells until Partner returns


Rounds of 10,8,6,4,2 pullups with Merkins in-between


Take Bells to partially completed field with Large spikes sticking out of the ground and loose 1970’s outdoor carpeting

Each Called Exercise, then Sprint width of field, jog back to start



One-arm Presses.  Each arm 5, 4,3,2,1 [SPRINT]

25 Swings each arm[SPRINT]

25 Goblet Squats[SPRINT]

10 KB Burpees[SPRINT]

Curls each arm 5,4,3,2,1[SPRINT]

Bent Over Row 5,4,3,2,1[SPRINT]

25 Sumo Squats[SPRINT]


Return to Lot and ~1 minute of Flutters



After going Q-less for a long stretch  YHC was a little rusty and maybe that showed in a upper-body heavy workout.  Thanks to General_Underscore for the opportunity to lead and also thanks to all pax for not impaling yourselves on the huge bolts still sticking out of the yet-unfinished turf field.  Always happy to return to Foxhole.

Note:  The title to this backblast refers to some helpful guidance on proper kettlebell form from Frehley’s.



Stairway to Heaven

Another great group of men gathered this morning for an unusually warm February morning.  At exactly 5:30, the standard disclaimer was given to the group of 17 and we quickly moved into an extended COT.  With KBs in tow, we handled a variety of exercises: SSH, IW, LSS, Swings, Staggered merkins on bell, Cleans, Snatches, Good Mornings, Overhead Press, Clean and Press, Lap around the dirt track, Rows, and more swings!

Mosey to the lower parking lot, where the center circle area is surrounded by 3 different buildings.  We’d use that area as well as the two adjacent stairwells for the majority of the workout.  The PAX were encouraged to partner with like-size bells.  P1 did called exercise in the circle and P2 ran up and down the stairs before returning to flapjack.  The first set of 4 exercises were double KBs: Squats, Shrugs, Lunges, and Swings.  The second set of 3 exercises were single KBs: Clean and Press, Good Mornings, Snatches.

Mosey back to launch for five minutes of Mary before calling it a day.

Moleskin:  Having enjoyed a pre-run with Baracus prior to launch, YHC was feeling like it was a late spring day prior to beginning.  It was good to sweat!  I had almost forgotten the feeling.  Those stairs aren’t made for big feet.  I found myself really having to concentrate a few times so as not to miss a step, though I still managed to almost mess up!

Great to see a bunch of regulars out this morning.  Guys really are committed and the leaders are doing a good job of bringing consistent KB workouts to Skunk.  If you’re a regular and are not on the Q schedule, I encourage you to see myself or Blazing Saddles about leading.  We’d love to have more guys step up and lead — Skunk is a great place to Q!!

Thanks to Frosty Paws for praying at the end.  Announcements: Brolympics this upcoming weekend.  Continue to pray for Benny and his recovery.


Right Turn Clyde

The drizzling rain did not discourage 6 PAX to run the regular Flat Branch route with only one detour.  With his glasses and head lamp on, Bratwurst took off toward McDonalds and the rest of us followed.


Cross Rea Rd to Tolleson Ave and a quick right onto Bullock Greenway Blvd. Left on James Blakeney Ave, right onto Alexander Martin Ave, right onto Alma Blount then a wrong left turn. Cut down Beaver Brook Way to get back on course and make a left onto Darcy Hopkins. Left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Bryant Farms Rd, left on Lancken then another left on Provincetowne Dr. Take Provincetowne to Williams Pond Rd, make a left, cross Rea Rd until Elm Street and make another left. Goto Blakeney Heath, make a left, then another left onto Parks Farm Lane.  Right turn onto Gander Drive, right turn onto Elrose Place and left on Demaine Drive. Back to Rea Rd, make a right and then to the launch point for stretching by Paper Jam.


This morning Bratwurst abandoned his fancy watch and trusted his instincts to guide us through the winding roads of the Blakeney neighborhoods.  That was working well until we turned right instead of left after the traffic circle on Alexander Martin. But Bratwurst quickly recovered and we found another street to get us back on course.

Thank you for the take out Fleetwood.

Let’s see what we can do to support our fellow brother Benny as he recovers from surgery of the next few months.

Presidents Day Moderate Murph

9 men left their fartsacks on a quasi-holiday to put in work in the rain.

We started a few minutes late (much to Goonie’s chagrin), but made up for lost time:

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Merkin x 20

Squats x 20

Mosey to Pineville Matthews Rd, as the Q had plans for a Mini Murph workout at the Davie Park playground. Seeing how this will play out, Goonie asks the Q if he’s aware of the massive construction going on at Davie…turns out the Q was NOT aware. Faced with limited options, we audible to the SCMS baseball field bleachers, where we proceed with the Mini Murph

Supine Pullups x 10

Merkins x 20

Squats x 30

Repeat 5x

The PAX moseyed over to the big stairs and knocked out a triple nickel

Carolina Dry Dock x 5

Lunges x 5

Ended with some running work at the main parking lot.

Partner 1: running

Partner 2: mix of LBCs, H2H, Merkins, Squats



Great to be out there with the PAX today. The weather wasn’t ideal but we tried our best to stay off the group. TClaps to Strawberry for making the FNGs feel welcome, and Goonie for saving us a run to the Davie construction site.

Two FNGs this morning. Olde English is a former brewmaster so we had to give him a name that fits (only the finest in malt liquor). Pleats is from Ohio and a yuuuge Buckeyes fan so we figured he’d appreciate the Harbaugh khakis connection.



Prayers for Benny, he was hit by a car yesterday while running along Rea Rd. Injuries not life-threatening, but his leg was broken in two places and he’ll be having surgery at CMC Main either today or tomorrow.

BROlympics is this Saturday (Feb 24th). Great opportunity for 1st F / 2nd F, lots of different events.

Speed For Need starting up in a few weeks (March 3rd) with GoJenGo.

Church on the Street is first Sunday morning in March. Contact Strawberry for details.

Belated Ode to DaVinci

My sincere apologies for the delayed BackBlast.  Without further ado…

Disclaimer given to the 8 familiar faces and mosey across the way to warm up:

20 SSH, 10 IW, 20 mountain climbers, 15 low slow squats, 15 merkins (all IC).

Mosey to the long hill behind the shopping center and go halfway up, stopping at a rockpile.  Triple Nickel with squat thrusters at the top (w/ rock), hand release burpees at the bottom.  ~75 yard run up the hill.  Mary until the 6 get in.

Mosey up to the playground and partner up.  3 sets of P1 max pull-ups while P2 does jump ups, flapjack when P1 done.

Mosey back down and stop at each rockpile for: bicep curls (“21” style), 15 overhead presses, 20 merkins.

Regroup in parking lot for a ladder of exercises.  Everything done together with 10 counts as needed:

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins.

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins, 10 lunges, 10 merkins.

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins, 10 lunges, 10 merkins, 15 jump squats, 15 merkins.

15 merkins, 15 jump squats, 10 merkins, 10 lunges, 5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

10 merkins, 10 lunges, 5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

Mosey back and time called.

Announcements: Contact Strawberry if interested in Church on the Street.  This group continues to be very successful serving those in need and  providing F3 men a great opportunity to serve.  M and 2.0 friendly for ages ~8 and up.

B-day Delight

19 fine men decided to come to Cheddar Birthday Bash


SSH – 10

Imperial Walkers


Mountain Climbers



Mosey to the Deck – Ballantyne Village

Run down 10 merkins IC – 10 merkins wide – 10 merkins diamond


From the bottom here we go

1st ramp up 

Partner up

1 partner forward bear crawl , other partner lunge walk flapjack. Main aim is to get to the top.


2nd ramp up 

Partner up

1 partner backward bear crawl , other partner lunge walk flapjack. Main aim is to get to the top.


3rd ramp up 

Partner up with another partner

1 partner run down up other partner 100 jump squats , 50 plankjacks , 150 LBC


4th ramp up (Split into 2 groups : ) 

Plankers delight


Lets do it again

5th ramp up (Split into 2 groups :  ) 

Plankers delight


Bottom of the deck

Got into two groups. Sprints up each ramp for each group staggered by 5 seconds

Run back to base – stop at CVS circle

Mary with some 1 minute elbow planks at the circle


Back to base



Glad to Q on the birthday. This sure felt good . The pax keep getting better in understanding YHC’s mysterious accent. We know that as they followed instructions pretty well. Mermaid did have to answer a nature call but we made sure he didnt miss anything, hence the reason for repeating Plankers Delight. The run up the deck sure got the men gasping. Solid effort by all. 

Appreciate the opportunity to lead Tag Along and One Niner.



-Run Jen Run – Speed for Need Race signup – 8 chariots to serve

-Richard Sheltra Memorial 5k in Pineville- YHC trying to gauge interest, would like to get 10 folks, contact Cheddar

-Fishing Hole (New workout) – ONLY Mature men (Age 45+) Contact Frehleys or Mr Bean


Typically I am the first one to run for dry land in the rain,,, but,,, it wasn’t raining.  It was misting, wasn’t cold, wasn’t hot just a steady mist, so I made the call to modify my wienke to broaden the scope of the AO from my ordigal plan of working under the awning.  You see,  when given the choice between mist and smelling 23 men under an awening at 530 in the gloom, ill take the mist.  any way I degress.

Warm up,  mosey around the lot, 25 SSH, mosey to the sidewalk 5 merkins at each light to my office, hit the wall for some airpresses,  warmed up

The Thang:

Mosey to the back parking lot, sucides 5 burpees at home 10 Merkins, 10 Squats and 10 Carolina DD at each light and island to completion.

That took up the majority of the time,  hit each island and light on the way back with the same.  quick stop at first awning for 30 flutters and x somethings (have to ask Bottlecap what that was again) mosey to the second awening for some American hammer

Head to home base for COT and a bus that wanted to kill us.



Pax continues to get stronger!! Shout out to Posse and Delta!  I saw some speed from those gents that are clear signs of GAINS! Doc and BC pushed the pace of the Suicides while Foundation and Recalculating wernt too far behind.   Red Rider got his monies worth for his cotters and although the rest of the pax didn’t get rained on they didn’t stay dry either.  Great work gents



Local Firefighter needs Help- Come to the Spegetti dinner or donate or do both!! Show our community what we pray about each day 


Run Jen Run