Peckers and Elephant Scrotums

Peckers and Elephant Scrotums

6 men ignored the weather forecast for rain and made their way out to Basecamp to discuss, among other things, peckers and elephant scrotums workout.


  • Lap around the lot for the latecomer (Bug Eater) and COP
    • Windmill, IW, LSS, Merkin, Mountain Climber
  • Head towards the steps down to the ball fields and grab a lifting rock on your way. Line up abreast at the base of the steps.
    • 10 Curls, 10 OHP, 10 Merkins – run up the steps, around the sidewalk to the left, and back down to your rock
    • Repeat but with 20 Curls, 20 OHP, 10 Merkins
    • Repeat with 30 Curls, 30 OHP, 10 Merkins
  • Leave your rock and head down the sidewalk to the bleachers by the ball fields
    • 20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 supine pull-ups, run down around the sidewalk, up short flight of steps back to bleachers
    • Repeat with 15
    • Repeat with 10
  • Run back to our rocks
    • Same as before but with Bent Over Row instead of Curls and Squats instead of OHP
  • Head to the dry patch of concrete by the bathrooms for Mary
    • LBC, Flutter, High Flutter, Am Hammer
  • Head to YHC’s truck and grab a partner and a sandbag
  • Sandbags in place
    • P1 runs a lap of the lot while P2 picks up bag and throws over alternating shoulders
    • Flapjack
    • Repeat with bent over rows
  • Moving with the sandbags
    • P1 sprints to far end of lot and does merkins until P2 arrives running with the sandbag
    • Flapjack on the way back
    • Repeat with CDD
    • Repeat with LBC but do a full lap of the lot instead of just going to the end
  • Put the sandbags back and line up for a suicide using basketball goals
    • Run to first, 5 merkins, run back to start
    • Run to 2nd, 5 merkins, back to start
    • After the 4th time you return, run all the way to the end of the lot and plank abreast
  • Merkins IC
  • AYG back to launch side of lot for COT and take-out



Goonie texted me the night before saying that coupons didn’t make their way out to Basecamp often and thought sandbags might be a fun idea. YHC concurred and quickly loaded up the truck. Had a great plan going into it, but that plan included the track (which I did not realize becomes a lake after even a little bit of rain) and at least 8 PAX (which we didn’t get). Luckily, we got 5 badasses (and 1 Q) ready to work and that is exactly what we did.

The workout started with Fireman Ed regaling us with tales of his trip to D.D. Peckers the night before. If you’ve never been to this local gem, I highly recommend you change that. The wings are ridiculous, the atmosphere is great, and the buffalo chicken wrap is on my Top 10 list. Better yet, it’s practically walking distance from YHC’s house so hit me up if you are heading that way and I will meet you there. Once we finally got Red to quit yapping, we headed out listening to the swish-swish-swish of his raincoat which remained dry as a bone most of the morning (#overPrepared).

Goonie ran a solo pre-run this morning — he then complained the rest of the workout that we weren’t getting enough miles (#overDedicated). He was crushing the sprints though so who can argue with results. Speaking of dedication, Thunder Road is a little bit stronger and a little bit faster every darn time I see him. This guy is the definition of steady progress. We did have one moment where he claimed that the sandbag, which was admittedly quite wet, felt like carrying an elephant scrotum. We almost left it alone, but the question was definitely raised as to how one even imagines what that would feel like. I do know my sandbags will never look the same again (#foreverUnclean). Snoopy is back from winter break and brought his best today. Great meeting you. Appreciate you making your way out on a less than ideal morning (#kotters). What Bug Eater lacks at being on time (#LIFO) and at counting to 30, he makes up for with mumblechatter effort. Pushed the pace all morning.

It was fun, guys. Glad it didn’t rain any harder and appreciate you all lugging around those schweaty elephant balls.

*Side note: if you didn’t recognize the quote “forever unclean,” look it up and then watch The League. You won’t be disappointed.



  • Benny is home from the hospital and looking at a long recovery. Keep him in your prayers and keep an eye out for ways we can help.

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