Murderhorn Challenge

  • When:02/28/2018
  • QIC: Spackler
  • Pax:

Murderhorn Challenge

20 showed to The Maul.  I’d say it was safe to say nobody knew what to expect, besides Haze, who commented that my “Q” would be a disaster on The Twitter.  The best part was my #nonQ this morning kicked him in the throat.  He will admit it.  Disaster this…..

That Thing We Did

The Murderhorn Challenge – #TMC, #TMHC, #EADPH

Run around the theatre to the top of MH.  Do 10 merkins.  Run down MH and do 10 squats at the base.  Repeat until 6:10 err 6:05.

Back to camp for some Mary led by only those names I absolutely knew, so 5 of the 20.

Last minute of burpees – yes I did a few.  Good to see so many refusnik.  Love that trend.



Mic Check – Unknown

Hops – 8

No show – 8

Tag-a-long – 8

Teddy – 9

Commish – 5

MT – 8

Squid – 8

Loogie – 5

Kirby – 5

Carmen San Diego – 7

Morning Wood – 8

Speed Bag – 6

Patent Pending – 5

Shrink Wrap –

Private Benjamin – 7

Snowflake – 8

Purple Haze – 9

Huggie Bear – 7

Spackler – 8



If you know me then you’ve come to realize the most of my Q’s involve very little Q and a lot of cardio.  Why?  Possibly bc I’ve seen too many Q’s go horribly wrong with too much instruction.  You know how to limit the chatter?  Run em.  Shut em up.   Said it last week and I will say it again, if you don’t at least get 3 miles in a bootcamp then it is a waste of time.  My personal opinion.  If you disagree, WHO CARES #ThanksRadar

Congrats to Purple Haze for winning this years edition of #TMC with 9 total times up.  Well, he technically tied with Teddy but he indeed did beat Teddy.  That was shocking.  Pick it up Teddy.  I would have lost a mortgage on that bet #embarrassing.  Gotta give PH credit though, those little midget legs were cooking.  Of course it helps that they are basically only carrying his 14 lb beard.  As I said, don’t shave that thing man or you will look like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.  This is where Haze is reading this stroking his beard, shaking his head and thinking why am I even friends with Spackler?  I’m just jealous.  I can’t grow a beard.

YHC did take a barb from MT about not finishing at the top of Murderhorn or something to that effect.  Brushed it off as friendly Gamecock fire.

Good to see the other 4 folks I knew and a few of you other gentlemen that I recognized from years past but didn’t say anything simply bc that gets awkward.  You know it.  I know it.

See most of you next year!






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HopsPosted on9:26 pm - Feb 28, 2018

TMC…that was hurtful, and also not, at all, what anyone expected this morning. And Spackler knows why….because it’s a bootcamp workout. Bootcamps must be 3.0 miles at least? Wrong! All that being said and clearly understood, that was a workout well worth getting up for! T-claps for the lazy Q.
Some other sundry comments:
T-claps to Morning Wood for his 2nd post after being an FNG at The Big House Monday.
PH & Theodore were, indeed, getting after it on the Murderhorn
Also T-claps to Squid, both for the takeout prayer as well as for posting for the 2nd time in 7 weeks coming off a knee injury
I suggested to Loogie that he could lead some extended Mary with some guys, and he said – “What the hell are you talking about?!” Glad I could help.
Pretty sure Tagalong thought Speed Bag was going to die…but he didn’t, so take that Tagalong. Also, Tagalong’s “I Dream of Jeanie” squats are something to behold.
Kirby refuseniked the entire 10 minute Mary session at the end…apparently he liked the running part.
Mic Check, not mentioned below because he was literally LIFO (Last In First Out), but he was there…sort of

Purple HazePosted on10:14 pm - Feb 28, 2018

No doubt, with the Maestro’s Beard Butter, the soft beard is lighter…and it lends itself to the occasional stroking…the beard that is.

You did really deflate my thoughts of grandeur and my euphoria of winning when you expressed extreme shock at the top when Teddy confirmed I beat him. Just figured a good buddy would have believed more in me.

But for sure, the MHC is a throat punch. Thank you for that.

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