I got your script right here!

I got your script right here!

15 pax posted for a heavyish light day at RockZero on Saturday morning.  No SF?  Disappointing.  Where are the long lost SF’s from Day Zero and The Rock?  I think Haze uses the the Day Zero one as a comforter.

Anyhoo….onto The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Some rambling commentary along with some of what we did at RockZero 2 days ago.  In addition to wearing out my welcome as Q by not following the “Light” script, I’m also woefully late with this backblast.  #cobains

Think we were supposed to cover 3 miles.  We didn’t.  In fact, McGee asked if we could run a bit more at the very end because someone’s Strava/MapMyRun/Garmin showed just shy of 2 miles…so we ran some more…though several did not.

Anyway, that was at the end of the downpainment.  We started with COP over near 51 with some slow squats, H-R merkins, rockhoppers (yep – you read that right – rockhoppers), flutters and perhaps something else, all IC of course.

Mosey over to the rocks by the never-used entrance off 51 for some partner work.  P1 runs while P2 did the called exercise (flapjack, of course): overhead press, squat, thruster.  McGee chased the 2.0 youngsters Sledge and Nemo around #notsoyounganymore Put the toy rocks back and jog to the pavilion.

Peoples’ Chair with some overhead press and some other variations.  3 sets of Walthar N’Djaiye’s x 15 IC. One BTW with much mumblechatter and questionable form.

Jog over to the picnic tables near the kitty litter for 3 sets of 15 jump up’s or step up’s and 15 incline merkins OYO.  Despite YHC’s tutorial on correct form for step up’s or jump up’s – many of the pax continued to make the exercises wholly ineffectual.  #youcanleadahorse

Mosey down to kitty litter for some lunges, backwards lunges, bear crawls, broad jumps, and maybe one other?

Jog to the baseball field near the cemetery for some partner work with the rock: Old school sit-ups toe-to-toe with the rock alternating possession & one other partner rock ab exercise.

Jog back to the launch lot.

Sprint 50’ish yards down, 15 H-R merkins. Sprint back.  Did this two more times with CDD’s and H-R widearms as well.

6 MoM with something akin to: slow flutters, LBC’s, protractor.

Run a lap for those who don’t want to be fully Strava-shamed for going < 2 miles in an hour.

Other sundry observations:

Hoover did most of the workout with a ruck, adding yet another reason why I’m never leaving the Noruck team.  Hope he didn’t hurt his back though a ruck on Hoover is akin to many pax carrying a string-bag with a bag of pork rinds in it.

Flipper did a prerun with Hoover as well, and muttered something about never doing Brolympics again, lest he be gifted with a rename.

Nemo left early but not before dusting McGee on some of the running.  Witch Doctor was donning some smoke boots on some of the runs for sure.  Mighty Mite posted at RockZero – glad to have you with us brother, even if due to the fact that all SOB workouts were closed for Brolympaloosa.  Boerewors…is there any other more consistent pax at RockZero?

Hammer struggled with some math during protractor work…Saturday brain or Clemsonowledge???  Ductwork posted for a rare Saturday workout for him at RockZero.  Glad to have you out as well brother.

Crabcake took up 3 spots parking so to avoid the door dings….of course there are about 5,000 parking spots at RockZero.

And great to have Abba back in Area51 on a visit from Atlanta.  F3 Bangkok coming soon.

Shoe with a back-to-back Centurion, RockZero post — Tclaps!

And our other Respect – Marlin – put down another workmanlike downpainment.

There were probably announcements about races, runs, etc. – RunJenRun, SpeedForNeed, Olive’s Run, etc.  Check twitter, slack, facebook, newspapers, and group texts and emails from which you can never unsubscribe for more info.

Grateful for the takeout from Ductwork.

By the way, we did not do any burpees.  Was that off script as well Flipper?  Regardless, you’re welcome guys.

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