Shakin’ that Weight

Shakin’ that Weight

Happy days were back at Kevlar for a fun Friday!


Jog to parking lot for warmup – SSH and the like

Hit the hills 5 times adding a burpee at top for each hill.

Mosey to the bro gym for some exercises (see moleskine)

To the field for sprints and mary



There are days where you may pop over to a neighbors because you are out of milk or need to borrow a tool or need a helping hand to move something heavy. I liken this to my dilemma last night when handed the Q last minute by Tackling Dummy. I was certain that there was one thing needed to bring the fun back to Fun Friday – The Shake Weight. We generally bust this device out just after the New Year but despite my desperate texts no one seemed (or claimed to) have one handy…

Enter Tiger Rag. I texted. Nothing. Left a voicemail. Nothing. And then at 8:24 pm it was the return call I was waiting for. Tiger Rag not only had one Shake Weight – he had two! Not only that – he had actually stopped by Covenant Day and dropped both off in the long grass next to the fence in the dark much to the shock of a dog walker who appeared out of nowhere! That’s a true friend. It does so happen that TR has been on a strict Shake Weight exercise regimen these past six months in a bid to get back in F3 shape. His forearms look like Popeye’s.

Speaking of forearms the Shake Weight shaker during the bro gym segment had to stand on the picnic table displaying their skills for all to see. Singles to doubles to behind the head – everyone had their own style and tried to work it to the music. When “Beat it” by Michael Jackson came on the pax took it to a whole new level.

Enough of those shenanigans. Good workout. Beautiful weather and have a great weekend lads! BD



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VoodooPosted on1:13 pm - Feb 27, 2018

This does sound like a Fun Friday. Does getting TR to show up at the AO the night before count as getting him to come to a workout?

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