Right Turn Clyde

Right Turn Clyde


The drizzling rain did not discourage 6 PAX to run the regular Flat Branch route with only one detour.  With his glasses and head lamp on, Bratwurst took off toward McDonalds and the rest of us followed.


Cross Rea Rd to Tolleson Ave and a quick right onto Bullock Greenway Blvd. Left on James Blakeney Ave, right onto Alexander Martin Ave, right onto Alma Blount then a wrong left turn. Cut down Beaver Brook Way to get back on course and make a left onto Darcy Hopkins. Left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Bryant Farms Rd, left on Lancken then another left on Provincetowne Dr. Take Provincetowne to Williams Pond Rd, make a left, cross Rea Rd until Elm Street and make another left. Goto Blakeney Heath, make a left, then another left onto Parks Farm Lane.  Right turn onto Gander Drive, right turn onto Elrose Place and left on Demaine Drive. Back to Rea Rd, make a right and then to the launch point for stretching by Paper Jam.


This morning Bratwurst abandoned his fancy watch and trusted his instincts to guide us through the winding roads of the Blakeney neighborhoods.  That was working well until we turned right instead of left after the traffic circle on Alexander Martin. But Bratwurst quickly recovered and we found another street to get us back on course.

Thank you for the take out Fleetwood.

Let’s see what we can do to support our fellow brother Benny as he recovers from surgery of the next few months.

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