Presidents Day Moderate Murph

Presidents Day Moderate Murph

9 men left their fartsacks on a quasi-holiday to put in work in the rain.

We started a few minutes late (much to Goonie’s chagrin), but made up for lost time:

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Merkin x 20

Squats x 20

Mosey to Pineville Matthews Rd, as the Q had plans for a Mini Murph workout at the Davie Park playground. Seeing how this will play out, Goonie asks the Q if he’s aware of the massive construction going on at Davie…turns out the Q was NOT aware. Faced with limited options, we audible to the SCMS baseball field bleachers, where we proceed with the Mini Murph

Supine Pullups x 10

Merkins x 20

Squats x 30

Repeat 5x

The PAX moseyed over to the big stairs and knocked out a triple nickel

Carolina Dry Dock x 5

Lunges x 5

Ended with some running work at the main parking lot.

Partner 1: running

Partner 2: mix of LBCs, H2H, Merkins, Squats



Great to be out there with the PAX today. The weather wasn’t ideal but we tried our best to stay off the group. TClaps to Strawberry for making the FNGs feel welcome, and Goonie for saving us a run to the Davie construction site.

Two FNGs this morning. Olde English is a former brewmaster so we had to give him a name that fits (only the finest in malt liquor). Pleats is from Ohio and a yuuuge Buckeyes fan so we figured he’d appreciate the Harbaugh khakis connection.



Prayers for Benny, he was hit by a car yesterday while running along Rea Rd. Injuries not life-threatening, but his leg was broken in two places and he’ll be having surgery at CMC Main either today or tomorrow.

BROlympics is this Saturday (Feb 24th). Great opportunity for 1st F / 2nd F, lots of different events.

Speed For Need starting up in a few weeks (March 3rd) with GoJenGo.

Church on the Street is first Sunday morning in March. Contact Strawberry for details.

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