Van Buren Boys Take to the Street


Van Buren Boys Take to the Street

BLUF: Happy President’s Day (First to correctly tweet answers to all these trivia questions, Kirk will hand deliver you four cans of his Hopcakes.)

1. Which President was shot while giving a speech, but finished the speech with a bullet still in his chest?

Pregame: Golden Mule and YHC arrived in the lot assuming the others would be wise enough to stay home. Yet a dozen men arrived on time (while 1 nameless pax…coughSWIPERcough…treated it like he was attending Waypoint Community Church and showed up late)

2. Which President was the head cheerleader at his high school?

The Thang:

3. What President skinny dipped every day?

Mosey to Carmel Pres (0.5miles)

  • SSH, Merkins

The Loop (.25 miles)

  • 100 Sumo Squats-The Loop (People’s Chair)
  • 90 Dips-The Loop (Plank)
  • 80 Full Situps-The Loop (V-sit)
  • 70 Broad Jumps-The Loop (People’s Chair)
  • 60 Dry Docks-The Loop (Plank)
  • 50 Holes to Heaven-The Loop (V-sit)
  • 40 Step-Ups-The Loop (People’s Chair)
  • 30 Hand Release Merkins-The Loop (Plank)
  • 20 Russian Twist-The Loop (V-sit)
  • 10 Turkish Getups-The Loop (People’s Chair)

Run Home

4. Which President taught a parrot to curse?


5. What President was arrested while in office for running over a woman with his horse?

Do people still read these backblasts? By now haven’t we all sort of fallen into a pattern of behavior. Swiper farts. Kirk refuseniks the exercises. Orlando encourages. Aqua tries to hold the DMZ together. Swiper farts again. Uncle Phil, Bout Time, One Eye and other actually do the full sets. Bushwood doesn’t show. Kirk sprints by on the final lap wondering why everyone is so tired. Tclaps to Hamlet…pushing the pace on the loops.

6. Which President had the telephone number of 1?

Prayers–BoutTime and 2.0; Benny.

7. When creating the executive branch, how many presidents did Madison want to serve simultaneously in order to distribute power?


(Disclaimer: Its highly likely that the cans will be empty, but Kirk will still deliver them.)

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AquafreshPosted on3:00 am - Feb 20, 2018

Great Q and BB Agony. That sucked if one did all the reps. The big story today was all the youth – a number of pax, if they do read the BB, will need to look up the VBB reference. How about Orlando (who is still pretty spry) as our War Daddy? If this keeps up I will no longer need to harass all the aged, infirm, and apathetic pax who live within a par 5 of the AO to post, except for Bushwood, who we will continue to harass.

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