Conditions: Wet, dreary

Side-straddle hop x 15
Imperial walker x 10
Merkin x 5
Plank jack x 10
Mountain climber x 10
Merkin x 5

Run toward Belle Johnston Park

Stop 1
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

Stop 2
Squat (not low, slow) x 10
legs together squat x 5
Sumo legs x 5

Belle Johnston Park (undercover) EMOM – every minute on the minute
P1 1 jump squat & 14 merkins
P2 14 merkins & 1 jump squat
plank the remainder of the minute
Switch side and repeat down the ladder

Run back to Pineville Police Station

Burpee EMOM
10 a minute
5 minutes

I haven’t seen an EMOM in a while and it was time for a refresher.This workout wasn’t too complicated that’s what made it difficult – form trumped speed.  It typically starts off easy enough, but halfway through, it’s not so fun.


Prayers for Benny

BROlympics 2/24

Run Jen Run 3/3

Richard Sheltra 5/10K 4/29



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