Delta’s VQ

Delta’s VQ


Good muscle warm up by running all the way around the school.  Disclaimer. Then 25 Side Shuttle hops, 10 potatoe pickers, 20 civilian count merkins, 20 side shuttle hops, 20 mountain climbers and then old school 10 8-count body builders thanks to the fighting men of the United States Navy.


Paired up for 40 burpees and 80 squats with partner running. Then moved to the parking lot for the Serpentine of Doom. 10 speed bumps in sperpentine pattern doing 6 incremental single count mountain climbers on each one up to 60 on the last. Moved to next location for a little laydown rest of 11’s supines and flutter kicks. Moved to next station for 50 & 100 of jump ups and deps. Then up the hill for a good old fashion brick workout followed by a run through the woods. Then modified parking lot suicides and push ups. Ran back to the front and with a little bit of time left Good Fella helped out with some Jack Webs which crushed those mortles among us. Then one more lap around the parking lot to much grumbling and crossed the finish line exactly at 0730.


Sign up for Brolympics on 2/24

SNF Run Jen Run race on 3/3


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