Movie Lines and Mumbo Jumbo

Movie Lines and Mumbo Jumbo

Texts were flying amongst the Wessex Square mafia yesterday afternoon.  After some consternation from a few members, Scratch n’ Win and Leprechaun decided to clown car with me to OPES.  Lewinsky decided to run in, masterfully thinking that there would be limited running in today’s installment of Hydra.  #contraremonfrare  #kinda

Pulled up and there were a good number of PAX striding from their chariots, including Gummy.  Gummy drove to Hydra this morning, we were saying that it must be some sort of compliment to the Q.

Anyway, the disclaimer was given (went with the whole “I’m a regular dude” routine), and we were off.

Venture to Harris Teeter, groaning ensues, particularly from Good Hands.

Wait for six in front of HT, performing Gummy 10-counts (IWs).

Little warm up from there…


Squat -> hold


HR Merkins

Mosey over to business building parking lot right next to Colony Place, find a friend.

P1 – called exercise

P2 – run around office building, flapjack

Round 1 – CDDs

Round 2 – Dolly

Round 3 – Wide arm merkins (not really)

1o count from Scratchy, and then instructed PAX to lunge walk to sidewalk about 25 yards away to catch breath. (veteran Q move from the six)

Mosey out to Colony, take immediate right into Stonecroft, follow main road to first stop sign, halt for more Gummy 10-counts.

Mosey out of the back of Stonecroft, back into OP, stopping at Summerlin.  Jet Fuel mentioned that he thought I hated Summerlin.  Umm, I do, we were definitely not going to take a left on Summerlin.

Hold squat while waiting on the six, then mosey back out to Rea, take left and head to church rock pile.

Stay with partners, P1 does called exercise, P2 runs L shape curve to street and back.

Round 1 – curls

Round 2 – overhead press

Hannibal said his watch cut us off at .6 miles, had Gummy give us a mileage check.  We were at 2.4 at this point.

Head back to launch, “Crazy Ivan” to run around the school for more mileage, end up at practice football field directly behind school.  Gassers x 4, rain started, head to school overhang for quick Mary.



Freddy Murchisons

Done – 3 miles, just about on the nostril



Good gang out there today, bunch of regulars with varying paces.  Lewinsky told me after “that wasn’t what I was expecting”.  By him running into the workout, I will take that as a backhanded compliment.  Gummy, again, did drive to the workout, so I’m totally confused.

Really good energy out there today, and good movie/TV lines too.  By my count, we hit: Hunt for Red October, Fletch, Seinfeld, forgetting like two more.

Group was pretty split for most of the workout, good convos all around I’m sure, but I’m definitely not omnipresent.

Good to lead out at Hydra again, great AO with great memories. #tear

Nice to have one of they Hydra OGs in Bug out there again.  Anybody seen 49er or DK in a hot minute?


Thanks Gummy for the takeout.



Bro-lympics, sometime, somewhere (I forgot), check with somebody if you’re interested.

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