Why are your legs tired?

Why are your legs tired?

13 men had a seemingly un-eventful Valentine’s night because they decided to show up at 5:30 for a Kettlebell workout, many of them complaining that their legs were tired. Obviously this new generation is doing it all wrong, myself included.


The Thang


Warmup – Low Slow Deadlifts, SSH, 20 swings OYO


3 Rounds of: Louganis (10), Merkins (10), single arm swings (10 each) – we went to 15 Louganis and 15 merkins for round 2 but that didn’t fly

3 Rounds of: Upright Rows (10), Goblet Squats (10), Full Sit Ups


Burn out rounds:

Round 1: 5 Curls, 5 Shoulder Presses, 4 Curls, 4 Shoulder Presses, 3 Curls, etc.. down to 1

Round 2: Chest Presses + Louganis

Round 3: Deadlift + Upright rows

Round 4: Skull Crusher + Russian Twists



Rotate to the bell on your left:

If smaller bell – 10 snatches (each arm)

If larger bell – 10 lawn mowers (each arm)

Repeat twice….

Rotate back to your right

If smaller bell – 10 single arm shoulder presses (each arm)

If larger bell – 25 double arm shoulder presses

Repeat twice


Partner work 

P1 – Walks to from median to median with variation of bell carrys

P2 – Stays at first median for workout

(some of these are out of order or completely innacurate, can’t remember them all)

Round 1-

P1 – Waiter carry (2 bells)

P2 – Squats

Round 2

P1 – Suitcase carry (2 bells)

p2 – Mountain Climber

Round 3

P1 – Fast walk (1 bell)

P2 – Burpees

Round 4

P1 – Lunge walk (1 bell)

P2 – Merkins

Round 5

P1 – Lunge press (2 bells) fail

P2- Something

Round 6

P1 – Lunge swing (2 bells) fail

P2- Something else


Circle back up – 


Cadence – Russian Twists, Skull Crushers, Chest Presses, LBCs






Dang – I tried to memorize this workout for like an hour and couldn’t do it. Getting a KB workout down takes a lot more planning than a typical Q because there’s no running to take up time. Had my phone and a piece of paper sitting there to make sure I remembered everything. Also, I’m just really stupid so that doesn’t help.


Voodoo and High Tide went on a nice long pre-run. I saw two headlamps bobbing along a good distance off site when I was on my way to the school.


Hoover decided that his 230 frame isn’t heavy enough and wore a ruck pack, and then also swung a big-A kettlebell. Asphalt everywhere hates you. #asphaltlivesmatter #metoo


Lots of strong guys out there today. I didn’t really pay attention to who was killing it – I just know a lot of dudes were because they were ahead of me, especially on the partner work.


I’m no pro at KBs but keep pushing to use bigger weight – you can lift a lot more than you think.


Voodoo started questioning my music choice, and rightfully so – we started out with Kashmir (Zeppelin) which is almost a 9 minute song. Probably too long, I think High Tide said he blacked out during it, just like he used to back in ’75. After that things got back to normal. But High Tide was never the same.


Thanks to Witch Doctor and Voodoo for letting me Q. It was a lot of fun and always a pleasure to lead the best dudes in Charlotte before the sun rises.


Announcements – 


2/24 – Brolympics – Weddington HS 6am


Hoover – Need Qs at Rock Zero (Calvary at 7am) starting March 3rd – Ask Flipper, Boudevours or Hoover


Voodoo – Need Qs at Meathead – PM him for more info



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High TidePosted on5:14 pm - Feb 15, 2018

Thanks for the lead today, Orange Whip.
Those first few rounds were tough, as I struggled to catch my breath from the pre-run. I agree with your comment that we can often use a larger bell than we think (esp on certain exercises), as the rotation around the circle likely proved. The partner work was a nice change-up, getting in lots of carries and playing with new variations.
I still don’t understand how your legs get tired on Valentine’s night. #oldskool

HooverPosted on1:19 pm - Feb 16, 2018

Orange Whip,
First off, Good Q. Way to lead with a deadlift. Proper #Meathead starter.

Second you’re too kind, I wish I only weighed 230. But that’s the thing about rucking, it’s the art of putting on 30+ pounds to lose 30 pounds. #270 #Clydesdale #RuckHardForABetterWorld

Finally, let’s talk music. As my good friend Rob Gordon once said, “The making of a great [playlist], like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don’t wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules.”

Good lead with a 9 minute Led Zeppelin song but then to follow with mid-90’s Pearl Jam was a rough transition. Should we blame Spotify? Both songs were great, but back-to-back don’t work as well together. A 2-3 song transition would have gotten you there with a stretch. I do, however, applaud your music choices. #AllSongsMatter #ButTheOrderIsImportant #ImNotAProfessional

VoodooPosted on2:34 pm - Feb 16, 2018

Thanks for Qing, Qrange Whip. That was a brutal one. I’m not sure what’s more sore – my muscles or my tailbone from laying on the cheese grater asphalt for all the skull crushers, louganis, sit ups, etc.

Definitely some interesting and challenging exercises in there. Let me know the next time you Q so I can lend you a really big bell to try to slow you down!

    VoodooPosted on2:40 pm - Feb 16, 2018

    PS – No problem with the music, I just realized when Kashmir ended that we had been listening to the same song the whole time. It is a great song. I’m also not as worried about the transition from Zeppelin into Pearl Jam as Hoover is. I like them both and I just throw songs I like into a playlist and let Spotify shuffle them, so I’m not throwing stones!

OrangeWhipPosted on3:43 pm - Feb 16, 2018

Hoover – great advice on the playlist rotation. I take full blame/credit as I have an F3 designated playlist with Hendrix, Zeppelin, CCR, Otis Redding (I know it’s not workout but I have to mix a little Motown into everything I do – plus his Hard to Handle compared to the Black Crowes is night and day amazing) , Stones, AC/DC, one Pearl Jam song, etc. Pretty great music – often overplayed but never really gets old. Also – I won’t join a circus guessing weight but mentally I was comparing you to LeBron James and thought, yea 230 is about right. Anyway, I was thoroughly impressed throughout the workout by what your body was able to carry around.

Voodoo – yea, I’m still getting the hang of Meathead Qs trying not to do one thing too much, i.e. laying on the ground and rubbing your back for 15 minutes! I couldn’t figure out why my back was killing me and you just reminded me. Regardless, it’s a blast and I’m happy to help anytime in the future when you’re short on Qs.

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