Better than chocolates

Better than chocolates

9 Men got their hearts right at Anvil for Valentines Day.

It looked something like this:

After a quick disclaimer to the Pax, we took a longish mosey to the far side of the AO for COP in cadence.

SSH x 15

Squat x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Partner up for wheelbarrow to first island, flapjack to second island, first man again to third island, partner 2 to fourth island.

AYG back to start. Round two was Partner Carry w flapjack as needed to fourth island.

Mosey to wall for modified People’s Chair.


YHC reaches into the bushes for a sandbag stashed before the workout. While holding People’s Chair, pass the sandbag down the line and back.

Round Two, Overhead Press the sandbag, pass down, and back.


Bear Crawl Charlotte’s finest patch of turf, Lunge Walk back to start.

Line up single file for Sandbag Indian Run. Man at the back runs w sandbag, then hands to Pax in front of him when it’s his turn to sprint up.

New weight-bearer runs with it until sprinting Pax is in place at front of line. Repeat from church building to ballfield fence.

Partner Derkins x 10 each, Sandbag Indian Run back to Hot Box.

10 Derkins, 10 Dips, 10 Step Ups OYO.

Rinse and Repeat.

Line up single file for Bucket Brigade. Instead of water bucket, Pass sandbag (ended up being Throw, more on that later)  to man in front of you, then outrun the bag to the front of the line. Continue all the way back to church building.

Run to rock pile, partner up.

Partner 1 runs to far light pole and back while Partner 2 does called exercise. Flapjack.

Round 1 – Curls

Round 2 – Overhead Press

Round 3 – Squats

Catch Me if You Can, with 5 Merkins then chase, back to far corner near North Face.

Pusharama and Mary medley.

Mosey back to cars and we’re done.



Seems like this wasn’t quite as bad as it looked on paper, but the sandbag created some interesting moments.

The bucket thing was expected to be a stationary line, except for the guy running ahead. Turns out the competitive juices started flowing, and the whole group was running WHILE throwing the bag, making the guy moving to the front of the line work that much harder. Excellent!

We mixed it up and burned a little of everything.



First and foremost, continue to keep Jennings, BoutTime and M Lauren in your prayers.

Jennings numbers still need to move in the right direction, and family is headed to Memphis tomorrow morning.


Church On The Street (COTS) celebrated their 20th anniversary of doing God’s work last month! Join them and your F3 Brothers the first Sunday of every month. About 0545 to 0800.

Check with Strawberry for details.

SpeedForNeed takes over the RunJenRun March 3rd. Should be an epic EIGHT CHAIR event. You want to be a part of this.


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StrawberryPosted on1:20 am - Feb 15, 2018

Awesome workout and even better takeout this morning Snowflake! So glad I posted in the Northern Territory #smallradius Here’s my #shamelessplug!/showSignUp/20F0D4AABA82CA7FE3-church1

FredoPosted on2:46 pm - Feb 15, 2018

Sandbag / People’s chair looks interesting…guess I need to visit Anvil.

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