Pep In The Step But Slow On Back Blast

Pep In The Step But Slow On Back Blast

Spring was in the air as 11 PAX showed up with short sleeve shirts to run the reverse Flat Branch route. The night before, our faithful leader, Bratwurst, sent the route via some magic technology which nobody could download to their fancy watches. With no directions or disclaimer, we were off.

First we cut through the Blakeney Shopping Center parking lot, past CVS and Circle K to Rea Rd. A quick left onto Demaine Dr, right on Arcola, then right on Elrose Pl. From there, left onto Gander Drive, left onto Parks Farm Lane, right on Blakeney Heath, and right on Elm St.  Down to Williams Pond Lane where we made a right and crossed over Rea Rd to Provincetowne Drive.  Stay on Provincetowne until Lacken Dr where we made a right then onto Bryant Farms Rd and left onto Dennington Grove Lane.  Right onto Darcy Hopkins Drive and a long stretch to Alma Blount Blvd.  Turn onto Alma Blount and at the traffic circle go left onto Alexander Martin Ave.  From there we took a few different routes but ended up with 5 miles and back at the AO for stretching by Paper Jam.


Something was in the air this morning because somehow I ended up in the middle of the group. At different times I was running along side of Gumbo, Madison, Bunker and Wingman. There was a debate raging among the speedsters-some said I was getting faster (something Mermaid opined at another workout last week) while others thought it was the relentless teachings of Bratwurst.  However the true epiphany belonged to Wingman.  He surmised that the key was adding me to the site Q list for Blakovery. He argued that not only did it make me faster but it prompted more PAX to show up. Sounded reasonable to me.

Thanks for the take out Bratwurst and thank you to all the PAX who show up on Monday to hold me accountable. No way I would run that many miles without your support.

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wingmanPosted on12:46 am - Feb 14, 2018

Spoken like a true runner. Btw I came home and slept until 10a. Went to bed at 9pm. Hope to be back out tomorrow. Sleeveless February’s are the ‘Jam. Or your day.

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