Get in the mood

Get in the mood

9 PAX decided to show up to the Scout Hut Love Shack this morning to reset and recover at Gumby.

Admittedly, when YHC was informed he was Q this morning, his mind instantly reverted back to the age of 13. How many lame jokes and innuendos could be made, given that we would be in all kinds of odd bodily positions here on Valentine’s Day?

First up, however, a serious note — there is a devotional to get to.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, it is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the Lenten season. Now, YHC, not growing up in a churched home, and currently being a “low church” kind of guy over at Carmel Baptist, the idea of a formal liturgical calendar is a little foreign. But, the magic of the Google machine turned up this devotional from BGEA on Ash Wednesday that is good for anyone looking to recognize and celebrate the season. YHC did have to edit for brevity for the in-person crowd, so, please go to the site and read the full thing.

And if you have any issues, call the BGEA call center and ask for Tweetsie personally. He’ll be happy to field your input.

Okay, now that we have THAT out of the way … there’s only one way to fully appreciate today’s BB, and you should do so by pushing play below:

So, we have the mood music … and the lights were turned off and we were Bambi-lamping this morning. The heat in the Love Shack was on and pumping. Let’s do this …


Corpse pose


Start moving your arms and legs, stretch arms over your head.

Windshield wipers, left and right. Holding one side each for a few breaths, then flapjack.

Bridge x5

Sit up, and flutter the wings of love, aka the butterfly. Push knees to the floor, as low as you can go.

Leave right leg tucked in, straighten out left leg and lean in toward your foot. Flapjack. Then put both legs out and grab your feet.

Head to Table Top.

Cat and cow, using your breathing as a guide

Odell Beckham with right leg, first out, then making circles clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Flapjack.

Remain in Table Top, and do the Bird Dog, left leg out, right arm out … flapjack.

Up to mountain.

Two guided Sun Salutations …

  • Stretch up
  • Forward fold
  • Halfway lift
  • Plank
  • Lower down to Chattanooga, or whatever that fancy word is that Witch Doctor uses for six-inch plank #Professional
  • Up dog
  • Down dog

At down dog, we did some 3-legged dog and cheetah with the right leg. On the second run through, we did this with the left leg.

3 more SS OYO, meet in Mountain.

From Mountain, sit down in your chair. Arms up, then straight out, then kick right leg out into the Dancer pose. Throw in a quad stretch if you so desire.

Back in chair, arms out, then up, then recover.

1 SS OYO, then repeato on chair flow, switching legs on the Dancer pose.

Another SS OYO, then time to do the Cupid Shuffle. No, not the popular line dance done at only the finest weddings and dances, we’re rebranding the Warrior poses as “Cupid,” since he had arrows and stuff.

Oh, wait, do you need some more Barry? Yes, you do.

Okay, now that we’ve recharged¬†… let’s go:

  • Cupid 1
  • Cupid 2 (lean forward if you like)
  • Peaceful Cupid
  • Cupid 2

Then, turn and face the wall for star pose, lower down to the mat. Walk your hands back toward your six, then over to the left leg, then the right leg. After that, back to the middle, left hand on the floor, rotate over and reach up with your right arm. Flapjack. YHC was particularly inflexible on this move this morning.

Come back up into star, then back into Cupid 2, Cupid 1, mountain.


Repeato the Cupid 1, 2, Peaceful, 2 flow on the other side. Once again, back into Star, lower down, then into Ninja. Bend your left leg and sit back on your left heel, right leg stretched out and right foot flexed up. Flapjack. This was popular amongst the PAX, given the grunting and groaning.

Slowly come up, back to Cupid 2, Cupid 1, mountain.

1 SS OYO, stopping at down dog.

From down dog, kick right leg out and bring it through to Pigeon. Keep that leg perpendicular — although the question was asked, “Perpendicular to what?”. Get down on your elbows. Slowly unwind back to down dog, then flapjack with pigeon on the other side.

Kick back into down dog, then finish up that SS.

On your six, bring your knees up, give them a hug. Roll around to get out the tension in your back.

Finish on a happy note. Happy baby, that is.

Corpse. Devo redux.


Count off … Name-o-rama … COT.

Oh hey, since it’s Valentine’s Day, and YHC is on a bit of a sugar/carb detox, feel free to grab some chocolate hearts gifted to YHC on your way out.



CPR training, if you’ve signed up, is Saturday at Providence Road Church of Christ. If you have signed up, make sure Madison has your $$$. T-claps to him for taking the lead on this initiative, and look for future opportunities to take the training and become certified — Madison did say more would be coming.


I did try and have a little fun this morning without going too overboard with the puns. I hope it was well received. Also, I hope that everyone enjoyed our soundtrack, which was, yes, Barry White Radio on Pandora. A definite departure from our usual Zamfiresque offerings.

When Paper Jam walked in, he asked if there would be any candy or flowers, given it is Valentine’s Day. Glad I could come up with at least half of that. Also, he saw my Barry White musical gambit coming … was hoping to keep that a surprise.

I did bring the M’s new Bluetooth speaker she received for Christmas, in lieu of my tinny keychain speaker. I like to think it helped set the mood. No complaints from the usual peanut gallery on that one.

The mood was enough where at one point, it looked like Paper Jam was getting up to take off his pants.

Glad to have Beaver show up — is he site FNG, or just back for the first time in a while?

As always, it was an honor to lead you guys. Thanks to Swiss and Tweetsie for the opportunity. Hope it was fun and functional.

Until next time, play us out Barry ….

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Swiss MissPosted on3:47 pm - Feb 14, 2018

Note to self and co-Site-Q: screen future Q if workout is on a holiday.

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