Plankers Delight Visits Base Camp

Plankers Delight Visits Base Camp

6 pax decided to avoid the fart sack call and post at Base Camp today. Upon previewing the track before the pre-run YHC had to make a q audible or two within the wienke to make his q work. After a thorough disclaimer where the site q’s couldn’t be sued and that I care about your safety but am not responsible. Goonie through out it was a Thin Mint statement stating modify for injury not discomfort, at that point the workout began with a promise of about 2 miles of running in a boot camp style workout.

2 warm up laps around the parking lot to see if any lo. Then the pax circled up by the upper entrance of the bus lot evident that we would be the only ones attending the workout today.

COT: All exercises were done in Cadence
15 SSH
15 IW
15 MC
15 LSS


Goonie decided to call out during a pre run with YHC and Retread that he thought Plankers Delight was a terrible idea. So YHC heard it and decided to start us up with Plankers Delight with the creator Thunder Road himself being present as well too.

Set up 1 line by the entrance to the middle school for Plankers Delight with each pax doing two hand slap americans with each person working there way down the line. Goonie loved it so much YHC decided we would do plankers delight again. Followed by a 10 count.

1 Lap around the staff parking lot: 5 LBCs by each light post you pass.

Inverted Starfish: The plan was to do a twist on a star fish workout, instructions were given with the twist being mentioned at the end.

Corner 1(start of the staff parking lot)-10 Jump Squats
Corner 2(the turn exiting the staff lot)-10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 3(benches near the school entrance)-10 Step Ups each Leg
Corner 4(finish by )-10 Americans

The catch was after each 10 exercise you would do 5 burpees, Goonie upon realizing this called for clarification and almost had a q jack wanting no part of the Burpees. However YHC was in charge so Goonie’s suggestions went out the window.

YHC had decided to let Goonie do a 10 count then a fellow pax would follow with a 10 count after. However, Goonie gave what YHC calls the fastest 10 count in my brief history of F3. Goonie then lost his 10 count call for the remainder of the workout.

Following the starfish work we partnered up for some suicide work with partner 1 running while partner 2 did called exercises till both partners flapjacked. The pax got 3 rounds in.
Round 1: Flutter Kicks
Round 2: LBCs
Round 3:Squats

Upon finishing the round and a 10 count, YHC noticed we had time to spare and the pax was far off the goal of reaching our 2 mile goal. To ensure we reached our goal, plan was for an Indian Run down to Strawberry lane and back with a sighting of Wolfman along the Indian Run.

Upon arriving back at launch plan was to get a cool down lap, the leaders got 2 in reaching out goal requirement for 2 miles. Following the cool down lap we got ready for the cool down portion at Semi’s Office.

2 rounds Peoples Chair 50 Q Count

15 Rosalita’s
15 LBCs

Time was called at exactly 6:15 with a little over 2 miles covered by the pax today, excellent work brothers.


YHC originally wanted to do all of this minus the Indian run and suicides on the track today, however South Charlotte Middle School has terrible irrigation system so YHC had to modify his workout during the pre run today. I’ll take a big hit for today, the moderate flag for what Base Camp is known for was thrown out the window today. However, you guys really crushed it out there as everyone worked there tails off in an iron sharpens iron workout. Guess this what happens when YHC was handed the keys to Base Camp while also marathon training, wait a second YHC being a good site Q took the slot to help fill a needed opening.

Kudos to Jello and Costanza giving it 110% out there today, you both are true examples of what F3 really is and made the workout really enjoyable. Kudos to Thunder Road for helping keep an eye on the six and for crushing it in today’s strength based workout.

Big Kudos to Goonie and Retread, not only did you both crush it leading the pax in the front for most of the workout. You both joined YHC on a neat little pre-run to start the day, a new Base Camp tradition that starts at 5:00 each Monday. We usually get in between 2 and 2.5 miles prior to the workout, everyone is welcomed I personally enjoy it for some great 2nd F opportunities.

Sign up for Run Jen Run 5K in South park on March 3rd, Snow Flake and Frasier are in charge of this Speed For Need event. If interested in pushing a SFN Chair Snow Flake and Frasier are your Q’s to contact, Goonie gave a great point how its a life changing experience to see those individuals faces crossing the finish line.

Marvel is on Q February 19th followed by Thin Min on February 26th to end February.

Thanks for the great take out Jello, it’s always an honor to take the keys at Base Camp and be apart of the Site Q Team with Goonie and Thunder Road.

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