No Casio?

No Casio?

As the Q stumbled into the parking lot with out his Casio. 10 men headed to the Gloom unsure of the time.

Warm up:

A brisk run through some of downtown Matthews then to back behind the school.

20 X SHH
15 X IW
15 X squats
10 X slow merkins

Time for suicides with exercises run to each of the three lamppost on left and back. At each lamppost do the called exercise.

First round 15 merkins each lamppost
Second round 5 pull-ups
Third round 10 squats
Fourth round 20 mountain climbers

Mosey over to the baseball field time for jack Webb
1 merkins then 4 air presses up to 8 merkins and 32 air presses

I was told it was 6:13 so we had to mosey back to the launch point upon arriving the time became 6:10 so we did a couple rounds of Mary, Nomad, Strange brew and Mad picked the Mary.

Moleskin: better late than never with the backblast sorry about that. Great job everyone. Thanks again for Sansei and Lois for letting me clue. Q fail for forgetting the Casio. Way to crush it with the Ruck Mad. Mad respect to the respect crowd Nomad, Lumberjack and Semigloss. At the end we ran into a couple dog walkers with backpacks full of bricks Dora and Geraldo


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