“Lightpole, 10-count”


“Lightpole, 10-count”

13 or 14 started at Carmel Rd. Park, we picked up 2 or 3 more at Carmel Middle, and by the end, we had 16 for an on-the-move mash-up of arm, leg and ab work.

The Thang

  • Fast mosey down Camilla, left on Brandermille Place (F3 Lane), for whisper-count COP in the cul-de-sac: SSH x15, Seal Jacks (x15), Mtn Climbers x15, Copperhead Squats x15
  • Fast mosey to CMS entrance. Somehow sync up with Swiper and his posse. 7s of burpees and dips
  • Partner up. P1 runs to end of the school; P2 does 10 step-ups, 10 wide-arms, 10 LBCs. Repeat-o x2
  • Mosey past the clipboarders and their 80s hair band jams, ignore Hamlet’s complaints about the wet ground on the football field, and head onto the CMS track
  • Run the straight, then backward run it.
  • Taste of Yasso: 2 laps at pretty much AYG pace (800 meters). Do that 10x, with equal rest after each set, and that’s a full Yasso 800. Your time in minutes and seconds is a good predictor of your marathon pace (e.g., an average 800 pace of 3 minutes 45 seconds suggests a marathon time of 3 hours 45 minutes). Alas, we only did one 800, at faster than true Yasso speeds, so I don’t think Chalet really can nail a 2:55 marathon (though he’s welcome to prove me wrong), and I’ve already shown I’m not really a 3:10 guy.
  • JITFO, then run a lap together, stopping at each corner of the oval (yes class, ovals have corners) for burpees and squats (5 and 10, alternating)
  • Regroup with partner. P1 runs 100 yards and back while P2 does 10 each of wide-arms, squats, LBCs
  • Mosey to the teacher parking lot for 6MOM: Dolly, Freddy Mercury, Boone left and right, Slow flutters, hold ’em 6 inches (Lightpole, I mean Brady Bunch, with the 10-count)
  • Head home, stopping at each speed bump for 10 CCDs and 10 jump squats
  • 1 minute left…10 90-degree-turn squat jumps, 10 merkins. Finis.
  • 3.22 miles

What else happened

  • We run all the way down F3 Lane, and none of its residents are out there today. Cannoli, Boomer, Eye Chart and probably someone else – you’re lucky it was wet and we had sympathy on your yard.
  • Never seen a Pax go all refusenik on SSH or Seal Jacks, but Silent Bob hates Seal Jacks. Said he simply doesn’t like them, and they’re “too noisy.” I don’t think that qualifies as irony, but it’s close
  • Kirk didn’t wear gloves because he knew YHC had the Q, and I never call Bear Crawls. That’s one observant Pax right there.
  • I thought we were intersecting with early-arriving custodial crew at the entrance to CMS, but it turned out to be Swiper, and maybe Lewinsky or Scratch n Win (it was dark still) darting around and waiting for us. I guess if we had gone north from the park instead, they would have just gone to Caribou for a medium iced mocha frappe.
  • Hope you enjoyed a taste of the Yasoo 800 workout. Do the full thing at full effort and tell me you’re not ready to hurl at the end.
  • Thanks Run Stopper for the takeout. Congrats to Lewinsky on the upcoming birth of a baby girl – first child for him and Mrs. Lewinsky (something just doesn’t look right about that).
  • Bro-Lympics coming up Feb. 24th. Talk to Aquafresh or visit www.f3southcharlotteTwitter@tweetspace.com, or somesuch
  • Smoky Mountain Relay April 20-21. A51 team looking for a good guy who also can run a long way.
  • Thanks for the opportunity, fellas. Was great to make jokes about dry spots with you (never gets old).


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