FastTwitch Merkin Record

FastTwitch Merkin Record

I tweeted out that the group was  going to focus on increasing our muscle hypertrophy, which I don’t think many people knew what that meant, except Purple Haze who admitted to googling the term.  Basically, it is muscle regeneration.  I actually showed up a little early and time struck 5:15 and off we went.  Disclaimer purposely delayed until we had all the Pax together at the COP.


Mosey down Woodfox Drive and take a right to the end of Burning Tree Dr.  We circled up for some COP in front of Fireman Ed’s house.  Disclaimer given. Of course, we head off the main road to mix things up, and we find the one car that is out on the road delivering papers.  We were interrupted a couple times as the car made the loop.  I think it was Alf that made the point the workout was already off track and I might as well give up.  I thought about it, but decided to move ahead. We did get in the following:

20 x SSH

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

Mosey back down Woodfox to the intersection of Rounding Run.  Let the fun begin.  Take a right down Rounding Run and follow to the right to the bottom of N. Course Drive.  Oh, but make sure to stop and perform 10 merkins at each street light on the way.  Based on Margo’s math, we completed 110 merkins during that portion.  And no, that wasn’t the end.  Heading up N. Course Drive for a set of 11s.  Start with a merkin on the bottom and SSH at top.  Push at about 85% on the way up, and jog back down.  I think that makes 55 more merkins.  Leaders finished early and performed some Mary.

Gather the six and continued to mosey around Rounding Run and turn right on Ivystone Ct.  Partner up and run back and forth opposite directions and perform 5 handslap merkins in the middle.  Each Partner run each direction three times.  That was 30 more merkins.

Head back out to Rounding Run to complete the loop.  Instead of merkins, sprint from one street light to the next, then jog, then sprint, etc.  Continue all the way back to the cars.

We had 5 minutes left so line up for some more sprints.  4 total, and then 20 x LBCs.

Moleskin: This was my second Q at  FastTwitch and I made sure not to pass out this time.  Successful.  Since I hate running, I decided to get more interval runs in so I could rest.  I hope all the real runners, aka, everyone else, didn’t mind a slight change of pace.  I think we got 195 merkins total if I have the math right.  A new record for FastTwitch.  Rachel was quiet most of the time but I assume he was complaining to Bout Time about the lack of miles, but they were hard to hear as they lapped me.  Alf had a tough time with the sprints at the end because he felt 45 seconds was not enough time in between sprints to recover, so he asked for at least 60 seconds next time.  I think I have scared off Benny for life with all the merkins and he will probably never come to one of my Qs again.  I reminded him that he will appreciate it during pool season when he is busting out of his tank top.  Faultline had his fair share of merkins at his Q yesterday, so he modified a little to make sure he didn’t get too swole and have to buy new shirts.  Haze was pushing it hard and reminded me that the hill of N. Course broke his soul last time, and he was not happy I had us run the hill at the beginning of the workout, instead of the end.  I think deep down inside he enjoyed it. Margo was kind enough to run with me and partner during the handslap merkins.  He admitted he enjoyed the breaks in the running as well,  as I am sure others did they just won’t admit it.  I hope Turkey Leg, Brady and One Eye forgive me for only getting a little over 5 miles.  That is considered a warm up for them.  I think Brady was the first one to yell out “This is a running workout” as soon as I called merkins at every street light.  Retread is getting back at it and hit the hills hard as expected.  He just told me last week he had run in awhile, but he wasn’t scared of the hills and pushed it hard the whole time. Thanks for letting me lead Rachel and Haze.



March 3 SFN need race.  Sign up if you are around.

Continue to  keep Bout Time and his family in your thoughts in prayers.  His 2.0 will be heading to Memphis soon for 6+ months of treatment for a bone marrow transfer.

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