Goodbye Winter… Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya

Goodbye Winter… Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya

In what YHC forecasts will be the last cold day of the season… 13 goats gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for a simple yet effective installation of Mountain Goat:

  1. Warm-up to Gullah Gulch; dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  2. 4:00 I-Pace/3:00 Recovery
  3. 3:00 I-Pace/2:00 Recovery
  4. Rinse and Repeat until time;  We got 3 rounds in… 5-7 miles depending on pace.



“Purell doesn’t run… he glides”, was uttered several times during the workout.  Since we are running in a straight line out and back for each interval, we just need enough “runway” to run 2:00, turn around… or 1:30 minutes and turnaround.  Most mortal men cannot run all the way to the end of Strawberry from our starting point in 2:00… but Purell is no mortal!  Sorry you had to go onto the gravel a couple of times… and I thought you were going to be in the middle of 51 when we reversed directions… Note to self… back-up one more speed hump!

I would like to say Benny and Sensei were always close behind… they were always next behind Purell… but never close!  Still a great effort!!

Great to have Tutti out… always welcome to join us!!

Chico and Ickey Shuffle are starting to become regulars!  Great to have both of you as you train for some upcoming races!

Tweetsie, Nomad, Insomniac, Lois, Retread and Gullah… you guys always give 100%!  Thanks for making Mountain Goat work!

No Announcements…

Lois took us out in prayer.

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