The Waterfall Workout

The Waterfall Workout

The Waterfall Workout

Ten pax showed up for the debut of the waterfall even with a threat of rain in the forecast.  For those that never played this wonderful drinking game in college, you get in a circle, all start drinking at the same time, and then one by one stop.  As you can imagine, the last person gets screwed.  I adapted this game to today’s workout.


Warm up:

  • Mosey around the parking lot, around the buses and mary under cover. Noticed a late arriving pax coming in on two wheels.
  • 25 Side Straddle Hop (had planned only 20 but Beltway came limping in so I extended to allow him to catch up)
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 cross Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Army T Merkins – I heard this mentioned a couple months back that the Army no longer does regular pushups and does T pushups. I found it a great alternative as it worked my back more and I felt I got a better full range of motion on the push up.  Much harder to cheat on so these may become a staple for me).
  • 10 Potato Pickers – Sorry Frack, but I had some decent leg work built in and we needed the stretch.



Debut of waterfall.  Station work being relieved in a slow rotation.  Rotate by 10 partner clap Merkins.  Rest of stations continue work until relieved by the group in front.

  • Station 1: Heavy Rock Squat/Curt/Press
  • Station 2: Bench up and overs
  • Station 3: Wolfpack Ab Work (Spell Wolfpack with your feet) I did this just to piss off any Carolina fans in the group, though it appeared they all fat sacked.
  • Station 4: Burpees
  • Station 5: Run the buses

Half way through I decided 10 partner claps merkins was aggressive (since it actually turned out to be 20 – 10 to be relieved and then 10 to relieve the next group) so I dropped to 5 partner clap merkins.


Once station work was done we moseyed to the bridge for walking lunge followed by jail break to the wall for more waterfall station work.  This time we rotated each group by telling a joke, funny or embarrassing story. That lasted two rounds before I decided it was taking too long to rotate (or in reality that none of the pax were really funny….with the exception of Bread Bowl: why do sea gulls not fly in the bay.  Because they would be called Bagels).  Solid work young man.

  • Station 1: Burpee Box Jump
  • Station 2: Dips
  • Station 3: Heels to Heaven
  • Station 4: Preacher seat T Claps
  • Station 5: Run to Bridge and do 20 Deep Squat Jumps holding railing

Final Round was one group Partner Push & Pulls (of course we are going to do this when I Q, it’s a guaranteed exercise combo) while the other 4 groups did a called out exercise.  I forget all the exercises we did, but it included a lot of abs, squats, merkins, and burpees.  Towards the end I did start yelling out Wolfpack instead of the count number.  Hollywood said “that’s not a thing” yet I still managed to get a few pax to join in.  Surprisingly Bread Bowl jumped in with some “Wolfpack” yelling.  I did get a kick out of seeing Dough Boy cringe with every “Wolfpack” being hollered by his boy.  If we could have only had Swamp there to harmonize- it would have been glorious.

By this time, many pax were begging for it to end – yet we still had 10 minutes.  Mosey back to bridge, walking lunch with T Claps while we waited on the 6.  Mosey back to school side entrance and more T Claps while we waited on the 6.  Finished out with a Jailbreak to the front entrance right as the sky’s opened up with a down pour – just as I had planned!


  • A great group showed up today. Always love the support we give each other as this was only my third Q.  I get a little better each time and also work in some new exercises that I don’t see us doing each time.  Part of my love for F3 is that that every workout is different because every workout is Q’ed by someone new.  Keeps us out of the rut and on our toes.  Looking forward to seeing what Delta has next Saturday for his VQ.
  • The waterfall concept was something I had thought of a couple weeks ago. Glad the pax in attendance let me try it out on them.  As usual, it sounded better in my head than in person.  Sorry for the extra pain the first couple of rounds on the transition.
  • Great seeing Radar out again. His Santa Q is still talked about and has become legendary.  Always a great attitude and works hard.
  • Loved hearing a few pax jab Hollywood on his long distance Q’s (at the expense of my short distance Q today). I think us Clydesdales do need a long distance workout every now and then to kick us in the rear and take us out of our comfort zone.



  • Sign up for events or to volunteer.  It goes down two Saturdays from today (Calendar check – that would be Feb 24) from 6:00-9:00.
  • Delta on VQ next Saturday at Commitment.
  • Coffeteria – If there were other announcements, I forgot them. I was pretty gassed at this point and many of the pax were mumbling about chicken mini’s.
  • Fuze Box (that’s me!) took us out.

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