The Day Jack Webb Arrived at Burpback Mountain

The Day Jack Webb Arrived at Burpback Mountain

Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

On Friday, February 9th, at approximately 7:48 am , Madison put out an all-points bulletin letting the unit know that due to last minute “biological issues” the Q for next day’s AO would be unavailable and a replacement Q was in need.  YHC, with his own case of Jello-arms, reluctantly volunteered to lead the PAX into the gloom.  However, YHC’s activities of that evening would prevent him from writing up a well thought out and executable weinke.

This is the gloom. It sucks and I’m Q

YHC woke up this morning with no written weinke and debated whether or not to show up to his own Q.  Not to pull a Madison on Madison’s own site, YHC decided (reluctantly) to show up.  What you are about to see is the depraved mind of one, Q, who decided to wing it,

YHC arrived with 3 minutes to spare with Dr. Thunder warming up and Arsenal, per usual, hiding in his vehicle (maybe he too foresaw the events of the day shaping up and was debating whether or not it was worth it.  Shortly after, the rest of the PAX arrived. At 7am YHC announced the start of the workout by announcing a Mosey.  Up the sidewalk we ran.  In the middle we switched to Kareoke right, then left, then a backwards Mosey before finishing the Mosey down towards the bus lot and into the middle of the parking lot.

Circle Up



SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

LSS x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Mosey towards the tennis courts.  We stopped on the small access road going towards the side of the school to begin a set of exercises commonly referred to as The Thang

The Thang

Deconstructed Burpee Countdown.

This consisted of breaking the burpee up into 4 exercises and doing 10 reps of each and then counting each set down to 1. However, it appeared to miscommunicated to some of the PAX that there were actually 4 components to this workout and the beginning set of 10 may have not been done completely said PAX.

Mosey to the hill next to the tennis courts

Burpback Mountain.  Split into partners.  Partner 1 does burpees at the bottom of the hill while partner two runs backwards up the hill and forwards down 5 times.  The partners then switch.  This continues until the cumulative number of burpees amongst the PAX reaches 100.  Smokey made an off-hand remark about the unfortunate naming convention of this workout.  Little did he know what other unfortunately named exercises await.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Pain Stations.

Pain Stations.

The parking lot was divided into 4 quadrants or stations.  At the first station, 20 merkins.  At the second station, 25 CDDs.  At the third station 35 LBCs.

At this point, YHC’s audible ran into a road block causing a few grumbles of how well planned this Q really was.  Bonhoeffer suggested monkey humpers for this station and so we had 40 monkey humpers.

Dr. Thunder asked for a demonstration of this at this point.  To which Smokey had to provide several disclaimers, and much to his dismay demonstrate the workout.  A catch was thrown into this in that before you could advance to the next station, you had to make a lap around the parking lot first and then proceed.

At the beginning of this ordeal, YHC, had ripped a hole in both pairs of shoes causing his soles to protrude out.  In stopping to adjust for this inconvenience, Bonhoeffer exclaimed that I was now soleless and the workout had become so.

Line up against the wall for People’s Air Presses

1 set x 50 civilian count

2 set x 100 civilian count

at the end of each set, balls to the wall was done with a 10 count from both Smokey and Arsenal.  The credit for this portion of the audible was granted to Lumberjack.

To the covered lunch area we went only to find a special guest was awaiting…Jack Webb..,no need to explain




The Moleskin will be summed by Smokey’s FB post after the workout: “I am going forward tomorrow after church for prayer…I am also praying with some rosary beads currently and contemplating finding a confessional booth with a priest (and I am not even Catholic)”

As always it was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. Thank you, as always for the opportunity


CPR Training.  The deadline to sign up is Tomorrow!! It will happen next Saturday 02/17 at 9am  Not sure on the location, see Madison.  Sign up sheet is on FB page and the registration fee is $35.  This is a good opportunity to get CPR trained and it is coming at a steep discount.  (Usually runs for $100)

Madison will have his redemption Q (baring any alarm clock fat thumb malfunctioning) this Tuesday at Thrive

Conviction will be closing down this Wednesday for a Mid-Week convergence with F3 Mint Hill at Pain Academy (Bain Elementary School).  Lets show some support for our F3 Mint Hill brothers as they showed us when they came to Conviction a month ago.

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