Storm Trooper Olympics

Storm Trooper Olympics

Had a mediocre turnout for the 5AM trash pick-up, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for with effort.  Thanks to Margo, Lorax, Utah, Thunder Road, and Udder for pitching in. The prize find was a storm trooper Halloween mask (check twitter for the pic).  Strangely, the last time I was Q at Centurion we also had a trash pick-up so not sure what to make of that.  Have to say that bending down to pick up trash was not kind to my hammies which were still sore from the Wednesday pain fest at Anvil.

Did a quick disclaimer that mumble chatter seemed to indicate was overly polite so I will have to work on that in the future.

The Thang

Ran to the lower parking lot behind the football stadium.


Low-slow-squat x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mountain climber x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Moseyed over to the corner of the stadium to run a set around the stadium, stopping at each corner for 10 hand-release merkins with lunge walk on the short sides.  Repeat with diamond merkins, but no lunge walk.

Went over to the handrails and did the following set 3 times oyo:

10 pullups

20 incline merkins

30 dips

Next set was the triple tower.  Run up first tower for 10 carolina dry docks, back down to handrails for 10 pull-ups, same set up the second tower and third tower.  Last set was run up the short ramp all the way to the top and finish with 10 cdd.

Some mary at the top:

25 x FM IC

25 x LBC IC

25 x Flutter IC

Finished with 3 events:

Standing long jump race halfway across the deck

Low plank to failure

2 minutes of old fashion sit-ups

Ran back to launch lot.


Great work by the PAX that was 17 strong.  Mad props to Lorax for winning gold in the standing long-jump race, Champagne for edging out Marconi in the low-plank show-down (very impressive for both), and Udder for standing on top of the podium for the sit-up challenge.  I tried to get in some extra pull-up work this week as that is a oft-forgotten exercise in this AO and it balances out all of the merkin work we usually do.  Glad that everyone wore gloves because those bars were definitely frozen.

It’s great to see this group continue to show up week-in and week-out and it was an honor to lead the PAX today.


CPR Training 2/17/18 – They are looking for sign-ups and Centurion could use a few more guys certified as only Udder is currently certified out of the 17 today.

Brolympics coming soon – communication can be found on that somewhere I’m sure.

Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, as they continue the fight against his cancer

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MargoPosted on1:51 am - Feb 10, 2018

Good job Brilleaux. Lots of merkins today and feeling it. Enjoyed the triple tower ramp event. That one may need to become a regular.

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