WHY are there spots?!?

WHY are there spots?!?

I guess the old saying holds true…

He who complains about the cooking becomes the cook.  Well…at least the spirit of the saying did.

A few weeks back, YHC attended a boot camp AO in MECA called Piledriver Qed by Ribshack (hell-of-a guy to Q BTW if you get an opportunity to talk him into leading your AO).  I hated (in a good way) the beatdown so much that I immediately reached out to the Sparta AO site Qs and told them how awful it was and it would be perfect for an AO that has Running as the primary F1 function.  In typical Madison fashion, this turned into somehow YHC was now setup to Q what I just said was amazingly terrible.  The WIB is called “Old Glory” and went something like this:

Disclaimer given  (yup.. not a professional….I hate running….if you hurt yourself…sorry about your luck, but I have no money to be sued for.. following me on a run at 5:15 in the morning is your own fault and not F3’s or Socrates Academy so don’t go bugging them either if you get hurt.) and understood.

The Thang:

No time for warm up things like SSH, IWs, Hill Billie’s, etc …  this is a Running AO.. we have running to do… (YHC did forget it was a moderate… sorry guys)

Although the wienke for the WIB was already crafted for me, I still needed to find the best way to accommodate both clydesdale and rabbits.  The start and finish were easy enough, but the grind part of the beatdown was a challenge.

5:15 we launch on a 1 mile warm-up run leaving Socrates Academy parking lot toward Colonel Beatty park entrance sign and back to the Academy at a F2 pace to keep the PAX together. Instructions were given before we left that upon return is where the grind would start.  The AO for Sparta happens to be just square enough and just long enough (1/3 mile) to accommodate any potential clydesdale and rabbits that would post.

The Grind:


  • At turn one 25 merkins
  • At turn three 25 dips on the bench.
  • Repeto until 6 am.

This is where I get into trouble as a Q.. this stuff looks great on paper.. but dang.. in reality I want to kick the guy that writes my Qs up, but my legs aren’t working so good today and butt kickers are nowhere near anything I want to do right now to myself.

  • Lap 1, ALL good.. feeling warmed up from the mile run.. knocked out some merkins and dips, everyone staying relatively close together.
  • Lap 2, ok.. getting a little winded and the rabbits (aka Smokey and Madison) are pulling away.. no worries still in sight for Arsenal and YHC
  • Around lap 4 or 5, the bench for dips was getting more and more inviting to just sit on vs. doing dips.  Lost track of the rabbits.. oh well this is an OYO and I’m sure they are moving along ok.  Arsenal has now exclaimed this workout is as bad as I was thinking it was.
  • Lap 6 or 7, seeing dots is not normal.. why are there dot everywhere.. oh wait.. that’s right.. was so focused on making sure my feet kept stumbling forward I forgot to breath.. Ok.. dots taken care of but where is everyone now?  Great, I’m now lost; the rabbits and Arsenal are missing.. truly running OYO
  • Lap 8,  What is this nonsense?  REALLY?!  Voices in my head.. I knew I hated running, but the voices in my head now telling me to keep going as well!? Oh thank SkyQ!! YHC is not losing it!! It is just Madison lapping me at turn 3 trying his best to keep me going with encourging words. At least I was not lost any more.  😊
  • Lap 9 or 10, at this point I am comfortably numb, can’t feel my feet, shoulders, chest, thighs.. just mindlessly stumbling forward, doing the merkins and dips.  All I can think is COFFEE.. I need Coffee!! and we are almost done.

6am.  Finally finished…

But wait..what happened with the last 15 mins of post you ask?

There’s more!!

For the low low price of a Free F3 F1 post, you too get to run another mile because this WIB is called Old Glory and why not take Old Glory for a nice morning run too.  Off we go again on a 1 mile run leaving Socrates Academy parking lot toward Colonel Beatty park entrance sign and back to the Academy at a F2 pace to keep the PAX together. We take turns handing off our Great nation’s flag between pax to take the lead as we follow Old Glory down Wedding road for all the early morning commuters to see.

I would like to say that YHC was able to perform 5 mins of Mary.. but if you have read this far, you know I was not going to be able to do that.  Madison took the Q lead for this part and I vaguely recall some voices calling out stretching positions.  I tried a few, then realized that was not in the cards for today…


This is an excellent AO F3 Nation.  If you have not been out to this site, put it on your bucket list to attend a post in the near future.  The setup is to accommodate all our clydesdale and rabbits.  FNG friendly and 2.0 approved.  You push yourself as hard as you can but always have a pax nearby to lend a helpful word of encouragement to power through.  In all today we clocked around 5 miles and completed roughly 175 merkins/dips.

Final note for all my F3 nation brothers out there… Don’t ever recommend to a Site Q a potential workout: unless you are willing to show up and Q it yourself. (the good Lord knows I have learned my lesson on this one).

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him!  #credo




  • CPR class signup deadline is Sunday 2/11.  (Contact Madison)
  • F3 Night at UNCC on 2/17.  Tickets are 6 dollars online with F3 discount.  Full price at the door.  Contact Gypsy if you need more information
  • 1st official SFN race is the RunJaneRun 5k on 3/3/18 (F3 has a team to register with when you signup)
  • Conviction AO is closed 2/14 for a convergence with Mint Hill at Pain Academy (Bain Elementary)

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