Pursuit aka Millbridge Run #4: Kensington Loop

Pursuit aka Millbridge Run #4: Kensington Loop

A fearsome foursome gathered at F3 Pursuit in perfect conditions to get 60 minutes of running in on a new course.

This week’s route was a 1-mile loop that was about 60% on road and 40% on a concrete path through the woods.  It was also a fairly hilly route, with 62 feet of elevation gain per trip.


We all got 5-6 loops in this morning, good for 5.3 to 6.6 miles.  Not bad, considering the elevation.

Bratwurst had a little calf flare-up, most likely due to a couple steep climbs, and had to skip the last loop.  Rest assured, he will be back at it on Saturday (on flatter ground).

Table Slam claims that he feels slower when he runs with us vs. when he’s on his own.  Got me thinking.  Maybe I’m always slow because I’m always running with other people?

Great running with Hollywood this AM.  We were consistently harassed by a bunny or bunnies throughout the run.  Luckily we survived to tell the story.

Goodfella texted in sick this AM.  Rest up, GF.  And thanks for waking me up w/ your text btw.

Pursuit will be back next week with an ALL NEW route in the Millbridge subdivision.  #postatpursuit

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