The Three Hills of Merkins

The Three Hills of Merkins

17 men headed out into the gloom for a little bit of running, some merkins and whole lot of Kettle bell reps.

Warm up
2 laps around the track
20 X SSh
15 X IW
15 X Squats
10 X Low slow merkins

The Thang:
Partner up and mosey to the church parking lot
Partner 1 will run the three hills up to the road while doing 5 merkins after each hill
Partner 2 will do a set kettle bell exercise until partner 1 returns,
then flip flop until you reach the total repetitions, plank or LBCs until everyone is done

Round 1 200 Swings (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 2 200 curls (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 3 150 deadlifts (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 4 150 Squats (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)
Round 5 150 overhead presses (Bulldog and Stone Cold 50)

Return to school parking lot, extra credit  farmer carries and merkins

Then the legendary Stone Cold led us in the flutter to finish off the workout.


Thank you, Chin Music and Blazing Saddles, for the honor of letting me lead this workout. Great job pax hope everyone had a good workout. My 5-dollar Casio watch said we had 6 miles but the salesman who sold it to me told me “It don’t work so good outside or inside”. Smokey thanks for taking us out and being my partner. Next time we need to start on the other side of the lot where the hill is smaller. I know Tweetsie and Lois feel the same way. It was hard to see the whole pax today with us so spread out but pretty sure it was Yetti and Country Living sprinting over the hills nice job. Night Court great too see you out again keep coming out. Mad respect to Cage who took the honor of the oldest and wisest, even with a bad wheel. Tulip one day the Jets will have a good quarter back. It will happen.

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