Flyin Down 51

Flyin Down 51

On a Foggy Monday morning, 9 PAX gathered to start their week off right.

At 5:31, 2 additional PAX (including the Q) screamed in on three wheels, and we got going. Here’s how it went:

Welcome Disclaimer
Mosey to Gateway


– SSH (15)
– Imperial Walkers (15)
– Mountain Climbers (15)
– LSS (15)

– Mosey to 51/Strawberry
– At the intersection
– Head left towards Davie Park stop at each light post to do alternating exercises:
– First light 10 Merkins
– 2nd light 15 LBCs
– Meet up at the park entrance
– Mosey towards the soccer field and get in groups of three/four
– Two Stations
– Station 1: Burpees
– Station 2: LSS

Partner at each station, while the other one runs suicides on the field

Halfway through we audibled from the regular soccer field to the fancy one because well…. Turf

Mosey to the bottom of the hill

AYG back up to 51

Return to Gateway Academy by way of Route 66:

Start at the first light post with one BombJack

At each light post add a rep (two Bombjacks, three, four, etc.)






Bennie has Q next week

The Eagles won!




So we had a great crowd that showed up the day after the Super bowl (Fly Eagles Fly)- everyone must have heard my call to put down the Bacon wrapped Jalapenos the night before (true confession- it was me guys. I was talking to myself).

We struggled to get off the ground however, seeing as the Q almost didn’t make it- let me explain:

So Lois and I clown car, and being a much better friend than I am, he agreed to attend my Basecamp Q. So he shows up at my doorstep, I jump in and we are off…… for .20 of a mile where we have to pull over and check his back tire. Yep…. Flat.

After a brief conference, it was agreed upon that we would try to get his car back to my house and take mine, but just in case Lois didn’t make it, I would run back and get my car. So I’m running pell mell back to my house in the middle of the road being followed by Lois on three wheels.

Long Story Short, we made it to my house, got my car, and broke a land speed record getting us to Basecamp only one minute late.

This was a strong showing for a hard workout- at the end of the day we had over 2 miles running but no complaints (Minus Fireman Ed… but being an experienced Q that’s more like white noise now).

Special T-claps go to Mad- he didn’t bat an eye at the prospect of a moving workout with a ruck on. Dude’s stone cold mean.

Little bit of grumbling as we headed towards the soccer field- the prospect of dampness will do that to any group of PAX. Thankfully some friends pointed out that the turf field is right there, so we got our professional on for a few minutes.

Also apologies on the numbering off- definitely a Q-fail on my part.

T-claps to anyone who pre-ran with Bennie- that guy has turned into a machine heading into half marathon/marathon season. Seriously, if I need to pick a person who has to run non stop over a certain amount of speed for a certain amount of time (think the movie SPEED with the venerable Keanu Reeves)- Bennie is on my short list.

I’m sure I missed something- let me know in the comments.

Thanks Goonie, Thunder Road, and Bennie for letting me Q- while Mondays are usually my day off, I couldn’t think of a better way to start out the week than in the gloom with this crew.






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