A Stroll Down Memory Lane

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

7 PAX celebrated an Eagles victory by going to the Country Club and covering 5 miles at Blakovery. It was 5:15 on the dot when Bratwurst pulled into his parking spot, ran out if his car with headlamp in place, beckoning us towards our morning route.

THE THANG: Up Adrey Kell Rd towards Cerberus avoiding the large puddles, mud and breaks in the sidewalk. Make a right on Tom Short Rd and then left into the Country Club.  A quick left onto 3 Lakes Dr, right onto Congressional Club Drive, right onto Colonial Country Lane, right onto Lundin Links Ln, right onto Pine Valley Club Dr to Tom Short Rd.  Make a right and then back the way we came.  Finished up with a Paper Jam stretch session to the tranquil sounds of the Blakeney fountains.


The nostalgia started early for me when I saw two of my old friends Madison and Turkey Leg . When I first started  F3 almost 3 years ago, The Matrix was part of my Monday morning routine.  Madison and Turkey Leg were regulars. I became very familiar with Turkey Leg’s back as he was always ahead of me.  The only time I came close to catching him is when he decided to include scaling the rock climbing wall at the main playground of The Matrix.  But this morning I finished ahead of him at Blakovery. Apparently Turkey Leg likes Chic-Fil-A and he is moved, albeit, compelled to stop there during a run.

But my stroll down memory lane did not end there. A fellow Tar Heel alum, Picasso, was kind enough to run with me this morning.  Our chat brought me right back to some memorable days (and nights) in the greatest college town in the country. Most of the time he is with the fast guys, but I think he may have celebrated enough the night before to slow him down to my pace.  Since he likes to paint maps, I thought he would enjoy this one from my Chapel Hill days: https://imgur.com/a/Tozzx


CPR training, here is the info: Date is 2/17. Sign up deadline is 2/10: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y25j_EZo_VeuzZOIsCw-wGJuw4PUu5lKvJqjgjclBOA/edit?usp=sharing

F3 Dads events in March (Checkers hockey game) and April (camping) check out F3 Dads channel for details.

Thank you for the takeout Bratwurt.


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