Moist, Overzealous Weinke

Moist, Overzealous Weinke

13 brave PAX showed up to endure what was destined to be a very rusty Q-led workout. But when you think about it, it kind of makes sense.


Quick side note: “Country Livin'” comes from my roots, Marshville, the self proclaimed “Home of Randy Travis & country livin’.” Until recently when the sign was removed. When I think of Marshville I think of the country. I think of an old barn off a dirt road in an ag field with a rusty tractor tucked away inside. The farmer knows the tractor is rusty, but it still gets the job done at the end of the day. That’s a metaphor for me on Q this morning, so thanks for bearing with it fellas.

Down to business:


  • Stragglers jog
  • SSH x 15
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • IW x 10(very poor execution on cadence by YHC)
  • Swings x 10 OYO

The Thang

  • Partner up & catch me if you can. 10 wide Merkins for the tag-along.
  • Hill work
    • Round 1:
      • Top of the hill: Carolina Dry Docks x 10
      • Bottom of the hill: 200 Curls
    • Round 2:
      •  Top of the hill: Diamond Merkins x 10
      • Bottom of the hill: Clean & Press x 200(massive overestimation by YHC – in hind sight I should’ve made that 100) – Audible: In the end the duo who hit 200 first called it for us all. Thanks Espresso.
    • Rounds 3 – 5 were planned. Realistically thought we’d get through 3 but had 2 more for extra credit.


  • American Hammer x 10
  • Louganis x 30
  • Skull Cruncher(new exercise) x 10


Thanks to everyone for allowing me to Q as well as bearing with my miscalculations. I will say, my goal was to make everyone miserable(especially Glass Joe) & I can confidently say #MissionAccomplished Next time I’m asked to Q y’all will have the opportunity to find out what the other 3 mystery rounds of hill work I had planned were. Hopefully the tractor won’t be as rusty next go round. Shake n Bake, thanks for partnering up & pushing me this morning. Look forward to seeing you post again soon. Gypsy be sure to tell my mom I did a great job so she can remain proud of her baby boy.


  • CPR training is coming up on 2.17.18. $35/person
    • Description:
    • Sign up:
  • V-day Convergence at Bain Elementary School
  • F3 brother from MECA is in need of some help moving tomorrow morning starting at 10:00am. He suffered a major leg fracture & is in need of our assistance. Address is                            10064 Paisley Drive(Highland Creek) – Only going 7 miles down the road to 3377 Linetender Drive. Any & all help is appreciated, even 30 minutes worth. Bagels, juice & coffee will be on site in the AM with the possibility of a few cold ones in the PM.

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