Knee Slapper

Knee Slapper

Pre-workout tweet advertised todays Centurion workout as a tough one.  Fun Friday in Area 51/SOB/UCo offers several solid options.  If you are the Q, you gotta step up your game and give the PAX a beating.  Nobody wakes up this early to get out and lolligag about for 45 minutes.  Hard work drives men from the fartsack.  We circled up right where we stood for a quick and thorough disclaimer and warm up.


IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Fast mosey through campus out the 51 entrance.  North on 51 to shopping center at 51/Carmel.

Chair Plank to regroup and instruct PAX on set.

Triple Nickel

Start in middle of center.  AYG up stairs on north end to middle of level 2.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  AYG down stairs and back to launch.  5 Knee-Slap Jump Squats.  5 total repetitions.  Note the three bold 5’s, Marconi, for the Triple Nickel.

Mary at finish to regroup the PAX.  Various exercises.

Mosey out of center and south on 51 back into campus.  Stop at outdoor dining area with picnic tables.

Bench Set

10 Step up/10 Derkin/10 Dips x 2

Tartarus Bench Ladder

Start at outdoor dining area.  AYG to Tartarus and up short ramps to Level 2 Stairwell 1.

5 Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees

Down stairs and back to outdoor dining area.  Repeat Bench Set.

AYG to Tartarus up to Level 3.  5 Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees.  Back to dining area.

Repeat Bench Set.  AYG up to Level 4.  Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees.


Rachel and Lorax each called an exercise.  All IC: Heels to Heaven x 10/Hold/Flutter x 10/Dolly x 10/Hold/High Flutter x 10/6 inches/RLH-10 count/LLH-10 count.

Double Stair Run

Start at Level 4 Stairwell 1.  Down to ground.  Over to Stairwell 2 and up to level 4.  Over to 1 and down.  Up to level 4.

Plank series to regroup.  Civilian cadence merkin set (10 each): Diamond/Wide/Regular/Diamond

Down Stairwell 1.  AYG to launch lot.



That was a great way to start the day.  Strong work by all 18 PAX this morning.  YHC was out last night scouting a nearby building to incorporate into workout, but determined that it was not safe in wet conditions.  Turns out, not much was safe this morning.  Slick out there today.


Purple Haze appeared sometime during the Triple Nickel.  He was late and ran around until he found us.  Glad he did.  Pro tip: You don’t need your card at PF, they will let you in if you provide your name.

Rachel slipped on the stairs and his back found several treads.  He got up and continued to dominate the workout.  That may hurt later.

Lorax was up front for all of it.  The man is in good shape.

Brilleaux slipped on the Bench Set Step Ups.  YHC audibled in Squats shortly thereafter.

Hops is oddly curious about the reason that some men pull straight into a parking spot while others back in.  This was discussed in far more detail than YHC expected when it was brought up.  Hops is working on completing a study to answer this question or prove/disprove his hypothesis, whatever it may be.  I hear he will compensate those who volunteer with cold IPA while completing his scientific mumbo jumbo.  Be on the lookout for answers men.

Weird chatter when YHC arrived.  Toolbag asked if I had a good dinner.  Tagalong said my gloves were nice or something to that effect.  May have had to do with Champagne ordering up the AMRAP on a previous Q.  Not sure, but it was kinda weird.

Respects pushed hard, as always.  Marconi, Chelms, Snuka, Shoe, well done.

Shrinkwrap and Toolbag put in a solid 45

Udder posted.  He took us out in prayer.

No Show kept some gas in the tank to lead the way on the Stair runs at the end.

Thanks for the invite to Q from Margo and Udder.  BTW, Margo was crushing the deck work.

Colder months see men drop off from posting.  Get in touch with those guys who have not been posting.  Invite them out.  Most of YHC’s most memorable workouts involve adverse weather conditions.  It just adds another element to the #suck of a tough workout.  Speaking of tough workouts, remember that each workout you lead is a gift to the PAX.  They don’t want easy, so show up ready to provide a beating.


Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, during his fight against Leukemia.

NEXT WEEK at Centurion: Show up at 0500 for TRASH PICKUP around the AO.

CPR Training 02/17/2018.  Madison is your Q.

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FredoPosted on3:38 pm - Feb 2, 2018

Nice BB…tough choice this morning. Getting out there is half the battle. Nice work bro!

HopsPosted on4:52 pm - Feb 2, 2018

Some sundry observations from this morning’s painful beatdown at the hands of our esteemed N’antan:

* Haze was late…very…claimed the coffee brewing this morning was what woke him…#epsteinsmother
* Several near misses this morning in addition to Rachel’s blown tire – Snuka about bought it on the picnic table, but the former college soccer player still has some good footwork
* Toolbag apparently had a good dinner himself…mercy!
* Tagalong was saying a lot of weird things as the pax mustered this morning….weird….but I dig it
* Fast “mosey” after COP? Udder said your pace was 7 minutes or perhaps a little under…
* As for the parking of vehicles “ass in” as we used to call it — after ridiculing it a bit and hearing Mermaid share how his backup camera led to an accident…in his own garage — I pert near took the door off Lorax’ vehicle when backing out of my space this morning. That being said, I’m going to do some research and report back with my findings. For now let’s call it the VFD (Volunteer Fire Department)…my initial diagnosis of the 8 or 9 VFD’s this morning: they knew they’d be in a hurry to get away from Mermaid after his tactical thrashing this morning. Awesome Q as normal Mermaid.

    MermaidPosted on6:30 pm - Feb 2, 2018

    Did not know it was Toolbag who Lorax was referring to when he mentioned that the flatulence had singed both eyebrows. Really wish I could get a nap in right about now. Thanks for the observations Hops. Hard to see and report on it all

LoraxPosted on6:28 pm - Feb 2, 2018

I looked up during that “fast mosey” and became worried we weren’t going to see where you went. Unfortunately we found you. Solid work.

MargoPosted on12:48 pm - Feb 3, 2018

Liking all these comments on a backblast! Didn’t think that happened anymore. Nice Mermaid!

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