Man versus Beast(s)

Man versus Beast(s)

Four faithful showed under an extra bright moon this morning ready to take on whatever Sparta threw at them.  They immediately regretted their decision when YHC told them today’s workout “was going to suck” before the disclaimer was given.



The Main Thing

Workout was described, Disclaimer was given, and we were off.  Down Simifield Church to Weddington Ridge.  Hang a left on WR and follow it down to the end.  Notice the 3 speed bumps along the way…..

At the intersection of WR and Cameron Creek, circle up for COP – 25 SSH IC, 15 IW IC, 10 Windmill IC

The Beast is a workout that requires 6 reps of 6 different exercises 6 times.  We doubled-down this AM by running back up the Weddington Ridge hill stopping at each of the 3 speed bumps to perform the called exercises (that hill is a beast in and of itself).  Repeat on the way down.   The exercises were:

Going Up – 6 Merkins, 6 CDD, 6 Diamond Merkins – Run to the stop sign

Coming Down – 6 squats, 6 lunges (each leg), 6 Romanian Dead lifts (each leg) – Run to the stop sign

Work hard to get all 6 laps, but head back to the cars at 6:05 – whichever happens first.  The group completed somewhere between 4.5 – 5.5 laps.  The Beast won this round, but we now have a baseline to see how much better we get next time we take on The Beasts.

Mileage ranged between 4.5 – 5.1 miles.  Elevation change from bottom of Weddington Ridge to the top is 230 ft.  Each time up & down the hill = .6 miles



BROlympics are 2/24

CPR Training is 2/17 @ 9A – 11A.  Sign up deadline is 2/10



Woody was quick to start with the mumble chatter – something about being out of his mind for being there at 5:10AM, but that 30 mile backpacking trip he has planned (backpacking is a polite way of saying Ruck) ejected him from the fartsack this morning.

Arsenal was dressed like a ninja.  It was 34 degrees and he was dressed like it was 3 or 4.  That’s the thing with Arsenal – you can never tell the temp by looking at what he’s wearing.  He sports the long pants & F3 logo shirt in January or July.  When it’s 18 or 81.  Today was no different.

Shake N Bake had on a fluorescent yellow shirt that practically glowed.  When he stepped out of his car and into the spotlight from Socrates, it reminded me of when Ric Flair emerged from behind the curtain, stepped into the spotlight and began to make his way into the square circle.  SNB has decided to tackle his 1st half marathon in April, so he’s in full training mode.

Similar situation for YHC.  In a moment of weakness, I agreed to join an Ultra P20o team.  The race is March 24 and I need miles, and what better way to get them than to be surrounded by friends who are willing to suffer along side of me.

Sparta continues to thrive as a weekly running/bootcamp workout.  We have a solid group that shows each week and routinely see new faces.  It’s always an honor to lead.  The time spent with you guys is priceless.


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