Exploring the Land of Dumpster

Exploring the Land of Dumpster

5 Pax joined together on a unseasonably mild morning. Disclaimer given. Mosey out to 51 and towards the sprawling downtown Pineville area. We circled up within eyesight of Kit’s and Pintville, unfortunately it was not time for a cold one.


Cherry Pickers, Shoulder Circles, Ave Bigodas, Mountain Climbers?


Mosey towards the Park, brief stop at the GraceLife Church to plank and wait for six….we then continued to Belle Johnston Park

Grab a lifting rock by the shelter, Private Benjamin picked a boulder

20*curls, 20*overhead presses, 20*tri-curls….leave lifting rock for later

Partner up, take a lap around the lake (much further than YHC realized), partner 1 does 10*merkins and then catches up with partner 2, who then does 10*merkins….alternate until 1 lap is complete

Retrieve lifting rock

20*curls, 20*overhead presses, 20*tri-curls

On your own, take a lap around the lake stopping at alternating street lights to complete 10*mountain climbers?…halfway through YHC called an audible and we began doing 10*squats at alternating street lights lung walking to each…once we made it back to the shelter

Retrieve lifting rock

20*curls, 20*squats

Placed lifting rock precisely where we found them

Moseyed back towards launch. Stopped at GraceLife Church for some Mary. Planked near 51 waiting for the six. Sprint all you have back to launch.



Enjoyed leading the group and trying to keep up with Yomo-Chunder on the partner run. Always good to start out the week with a great group of men.

Brolympics – Feb 24

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – April 28

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