Cotton Whip

Cotton Whip

Honestly, last Friday was basically 3 weeks ago so this is gonna be short and sweet to recap a cold, heart pounding Kevlar.


Once again I got Cottontail’s e-mail wrong and he had no idea he was set to Q. I kind of knew this and planned out a workout just in case. If anyone needs to get a hold of Cottontail his e-mail is “”. Dumbest e-mail address ever. AmIright? Also just get on Twitter.


Quick disclaimer telling everyone to be safe and that I’ll now be carrying a phone on me at all times, also I gave everyone out my phone passcode. If you weren’t there you don’t get to know it.


The Thang

Long warmup run to new townhomes across from Fullwood.  Circle up – SSH, LSS, Merkins


Area 1

Run through neighborhood to Plantation Estates Rd. which is one of the smoothest and best lit roads you can find.

Run down the street and do 10 jump squats at each lampost. Partner up at the end

P1 – Reverse Run (watch out for Puddin Pop)

p2 – 3 burpees and catch

Horsehead led some Mary then we ran back to the home grounds doing 10 merkins at each lampost.


Area 2 – Rock Pile

We kept running right to the rock pile – grab a lifting rock

10 curls, 10 shoulder presses, 9 curls, 9 shoulder presses, 8….etc. (This was too easy so we moved to the field)


Area 3 – Field 

On your stomach – 10 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 9 sit ups and AYG across

On your stomach – 8 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 7 sit ups s and AYG across

On your stomach – 6 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 5 situps an AYG across

Done here…


Area 4 – Parking Lot

I stole this one from Prohibition from Monday – quick glance around telling me that no one was at Matrix, it was safe to use.

Partner 1 – Runs to end of lot and back

Partner 2 – (moving forward) Burpee Broad Jumps Forward – Partner 1 picks up where Partner 2 left off

“Flap Jack”

Partner 1- Runs to end of lot and back

Partner 2 – Bear Crawl (moving the line forward)

“Flap Jack”


Area 5 – Back to the main lot

On the wall –

  • Wall sit marches – bear crawl to sidewalk
  • Hands on the wall and down – reverse bear crawl to sidwalk
  • Circle up in the field – let the PAX finish up with Mary rotating in some of the young bloods




Kevlar is getting young fast and it’s good to get competitive out there with Sunshine, Archie and Hannie. They had a 4th guy come out a few weeks (FNG – Christopher Robbin) ago but Hannie let me know that he doesn’t have his license so he has to pick him up for F3. Is he even legal to post w/o a license?


Tackling Dummy was able to swiftly carry his 6’5″ frame to the front of the PAX all morning. He also didn’t cheat on pushups, something that I grade very very carefully.


Tebow showed up about 20 minutes late after looking for us everywhere. He wouldn’t have found us as we charted some new territory today.


Floor Slapper showed up on time. Something that I haven’t seen happen in quite some time.


Puddin Pop took Cottontail out hard during the reverse runs, and I mean worse case scenario reverse run situation. Cottontail  doing burpees and Puddin falls on him running in reverse. Luckily both men got up and kept moving.


Cotton Tail gets a chance to make up his Q next week.


Great work done by all – Aye!

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