Brew’s Gumby VQ

Brew’s Gumby VQ

So a Gumby VQ which sort of feels like a VQ when YHC finds out 4 min prior to kick off that a devo is part of the Q…good thing YHC has that handy dandy Theology degree to fall back on…if memory serves…


The Thang:

Devo: Psalm 46:10, anyone know it? Yeah “Be still and know that I am God”…umm yeah, that’s the first part, now tell me the rest…hmmm that’s what I thought, don’t know the rest, not to worry, common problem, the rest goes something like this…”so that I will be honoured amongst all the nations, so that I will be honoured amongst all the world”, wait…does that mean I’m not just soaking God in but rather connecting with Him so that I can go out into the world so that His name is honoured and made known?  An interesting take on a common verse by reading the entire verse, just food for thought…and now onto the mobility work.


Since YHC doesn’t do yoga, yes I’ve tried, no I don’t get it, if all those animals were around I’d probably just go hunting so today we’re going to do run oriented mobility work.  Why?  Because YHC needs it…ok, so what is mobility?  It is increasing a bodies range of motion in critical areas which is different from stretching which is focused on prep for use, but does not usually hold long enough for an increase in range of motion.  Oh and mobility work can be just that…work…we’re holding for 2-3 minutes per position.


First off, let’s warm up a bit, 20 IC split jacks (YHC has decided to refusnik ssh due to the lateral stress), 20 IW and 1 min of running in place, great, blood is flowing, then it’s onto the real work:

Squat hold, see where we are when we start

2 min per side of lunge twist

3 min per side of couch sit, some had more “fun” than others with this

2 min dorsiflexion hold

2 min per side sprinter roll

2 min per side couch sit again (boooo)

10 GHD Activation Bridge hold x 3 sec

Squat hold, feel any better or able to drop lower into it?


So good results and feedback all around and YHC learned a lot about a Gumby Q and is ready for next time around, different pax found different movements more difficult than others and one side more tight than the other, totally normal and we’ll work on more of this type of work next time around, YHC is humbled by the opportunity to Q Gumby especially on such a lousy weather day but had a blast and mobility is something I’ve worked on for a number of months and have seen good improvements but still know I have a lot of work left to go, so if you attend a Strange Brew boot camp Q, just be ready for squat holds and the requisite crap


[POSTED FOR Brew by Swiss Miss, who is also not a professional and in no way takes responsibility for Brew’s workout or BackBlast.]

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