A Dead Animal and Yellow Shirts

A Dead Animal and Yellow Shirts

A full house of 9 PAX met on a misty Monday morning for 5+ miles. Almost everyone showed up wearing neon yellow short sleeve shirts. I clearly missed the mumblechatter on Slack coordinating the outfits as I had my traditional black (with rain jacket). With no idea of route or reason, we gleefully followed Bratwurst’s lead and we were off.

Much to my chagrin, we were heading up the dreaded Ardrey Kell hill. At first, I thought we were doing the reverse PJ route, but the lights in the distance kept going straight.  On the way, illuminated by my headlamp (yes, Paper Clip showed me how to use it) in the middle of the sidewalk, was a large dead animal. No one seemed disturbed by the carnage, so it was pass the high school and into the first neighborhood we found.

A quick left onto Zachery Ave, right on Pomerane Place, left on Brandon Brook Drive, right onto Old Ardrey Kell Rd, right onto Honeynut Drive, left onto Hazelview, left onto Linden Tree Ln, right onto Torrelle Drive, left onto Society St and out on Community House Rd. At this point, I headed back to the AO with Madison, while the rest of the crew crossed the street and did a .25 mile loop in the fancy neighborhood.

We all finished strong and with stretching led by Madison.


It was another rough Monday chasing the fast guys.  They were kind enough to circle back to make sure I was still alive and Madison hung back with me.  It would be great for those guys who are slow (like me), just starting to run, or simply want to get better at running to join me on Monday.  I think by the spring we can get to a decent pace and at least the fast guys would not have to circle back as much.

There was a debate about the dead animal. Some say it was a large cat Others opined it was a raccoon. Either way,we may need to develop a new warning call “dead cat/rat/raccoon up” or is it down?

Remember Brolympics on 2/24/18 at Weddington High School. Participate. Volunteer. Attend.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:05 am - Jan 30, 2018

It’s “up” if the dead animal is in front of you and its “back” if coming up from behind (although that would be scary/sad if a dead animal can catch you from behind). But you are pretty slow (bad form I think)

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