Four’s a Crowd

  • When:01/27/2018
  • QIC: Costanza, High Tide, Mall Cop, Wolfman

Four’s a Crowd

High Tide, Costanza and Mall Cop were awaiting the missing Q but decided to launch. Just as we finished the COP, Wolfman joins in the fun. We decided in absence of the Q to rotate among ourselves.

15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Mountain Climbers

Stage 1- Run along Olde Providence and then cross the street to church
Pick a rock and then partner up.
Partner 1 runs to church back side exit
Partner 2 -perform Bicep Curls then flapjack upon Partner 1 return
Round 2 – Shoulder Presses
Round 3- Tricep Extensions
Round 4- 10 Squat Thrusters

Stage 2- Run down Olde Providence to Ascent Hill
3 rounds-
10 Merkins at bottom
Run to Top of Hill
10 Squats at Top

Stage 3- Mosey toward the Football field and continue till reaching the Playground
3 rounds
Supine Pullups/Regular Pullups
10 Incline Merkins
10 Step Ups

Stage 4- Mosey to the Wall, get in the People’s chair to perform some ARM raises
Mosey to back to the launch site for some WindSprints
Let’s end it with Pax choice Mary; Slow Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Rosalita, Old School SitUps

It was a light crowd today though fellowship was enjoyed by all. We covered a number of topics and now even have movies to add to our watch lists. Props to High Tide for the pre-run.

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