Mountain Goat Base Mileage

Mountain Goat Base Mileage

13 strong pax posted at Mountain Goat even after YHC’s Pre Blast Base Mileage warning of an AYG run through the hills of Raintree. After a thorough disclaimer where YHC again explained the route with an option for extra miles the pax took off.

The Thang
Today’s objective was simple yet not an easy one, run AYG from SCMS to Ballantyne Commons Parkway through 4 Mile Creek. Get to Ballantyne Commons Parkway and back to launch either through Whitehorn Drive or 4 mile Creek while turning back around at the 30 minute mark to make it back for COT at 6:15. The pax had the option to take Whitehorn Drive to Raintree to add additional miles only one pax did so and that will be mentioned later on. Once we turned on Woodfox the goats then got into there respected pace groups. Today’s mileage ranged between 3.5 miles to 6.3 miles , those who ran the pre run this morning got anywhere between 7 miles and 8.3 miles with anywhere from 274 feet of elevation gain to 553 feet of elevation gain depending on your pace. Excellent work today Mountain Goats!


-I would say today’s route was going to be easy but YHC would be lying if that was the case, I guess this is what happens when after getting the approval to Q Mountain Goat from Slim Fast that both Slim and Retread agreed to YHC’s idea of an AYG run through the hills of Raintree. These AYG runs are tough in the hills however, use today as a stepping stone for where you want to improve through the upcoming running season whether it is at Mountain Goat or the various races we are all signed up for.

-T Claps to Purple Haze to coming out to Mountain Goat prior to heading to his duties at The Stand, Haze said he’d come to Mountain Goat under the condition of no track work. I think Haze got what he came for and then so, Haze said I was the one pushing him when in reality he was pushing me to give it my all in this classic you against you Q.

-Strong work today by both Kilowatt and Gullah they keep getting stronger out there and tackled some serious elevation out there today. Slim Fast and Sensei were killing it out there today on these hills, especially Sensei running over 6 miles after recovering from being ill awesome work out there Sensei making it all the way to the intersection of 4 mile creek and BCP!

-Nomad and Insomniac were looking strong out there today on those hills, even though Nomad thought once we got to Raintree Country Clubhouse and back the rest of that run just sucked yet they still crushed it today!

-Tweetsie killed it running with High Tide out there, even High Tide who says he isn’t a runner but after all the progress he’s made the last 2 years I think we can all agree High Tide is a runner.

-Retread looked strong out there coming off of a tough Fast Twitch workout on Tuesday in preparation for running the Charlotte 10 Miler in February keep tackling these hills and you’ll get there. Early Bird decided to make his return to Mountain Goat today after going nearly 2 months without posting. Early Bird has been killing it biking lately while nursing a knee injury he had playing football and looked strong out there in his first long run in awhile. Early Bird was the one who Eh’d me to come out to F3 over a year and a half ago to F3 and Mountain Goat. I remember him being the one to drag me to go getting stronger and Early Bird keeps getting stronger out there.

-Last but not least Fleetwood ran strong today after a great finish in the CRC Whitewater Trail Half last weekend, not only did he pre run this morning he took YHC’s challenge to run Whitethorn Drive for extra mileage. Fleetwood turned around about halfway in to get back to launch for COT but that didn’t stop him for running 8.3 miles and looked strong running into launch as the pax cheered him coming back in.

-Kudos to Slim Fast and Nomad for joining YHC and Fleetwood on the 1 mile warm up this morning! Thanks Retread and Slim Fast for the opportunity to lead, it is always an honor to Q at Mountain Goat.

-Thanks Insomniac for taking us out today!


Other than the fact that everyone agreed there was very little uphill and getting some mumble chatter about YHC’s pre blast we had zero announcements today. Enjoy your weekend Mountain Goats

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