Mountain Goat 1/26 Pre Blast Base Mileage

  • When:1/26/2018
  • QIC: Benny

Mountain Goat 1/26 Pre Blast Base Mileage

It’s been awhile since we’ve last had a Pre Blast for Mountain Goat, given that YHC has a distance Q planned for the workout I felt it was important to send out the information in advance. Mountain Goat will start of at 5:00 where I’ll be leading a warm up mile for anyone interested. Many of us are training for various races, P200, Charlotte 10 miler, half marathons, even marathons. Thus base miles are a key component for all runners training program and should account for roughly 80-85% of your running, the other 15-20% being hard interval work. Base mileage runs are also important as it allows you to boost your conditioning, and helps you develop slow-twitch muscle fibers. Runners build up their aerobic capacity by expanding capillary growth around muscle cells for efficient oxygen delivery. This will help prepare us Mountain Goats for more strenuous training and running. The plan is to do some distance through the hills of Raintree and 4 Mile Creek in an AYG run. Headlamps are highly encouraged on this route along with pace groups.

At 5:15 we will be paying homage to Slice and visit the hills of Raintree for an AYG run to Ballantyne Commons Parkway through 4 mile creek. The route will take us out of SCMS onto Woodfox followed by a left onto Rounding Run. We will then take a right onto Raintree and follow Raintree for about 0.7 miles. When you reach the intersection of 4 mile creek and Raintree take a right onto 4 Mile Creek. We will then follow 4 mile Creek 1.8 miles to our destination of Ballantyne Commons Parkway where we will then turn around and make our way back to launch taking the same route back. The route back will be left on Raintree followed by a left on Rounding Run, right on Woodfox Drive then a left on Strawberry and an immediate right back to SCMS The plan is to start at exactly 5:15, it is 3.2 miles to Ballantyne Commons Parkway which adds up to about 6.4 miles total. For the leaders or anyone wanting to get more miles in, on the way back can take a right onto Whitehorn Drive by Raintree Country Club and take that until making a left onto Raintree this will give you roughly 0.6 additional miles.

Regardless of where you are at, exactly 30 minutes into the run we will turn around and head back to SCMS for COT at 6:15 . If you think you will need more than 30 minutes to get back to SCMS for COT at 6:15, feel free to modify as needed. I will be heading back at the 30 minute mark to help bring the six back to launch. This will allow us to keep an eye on pax and offer encouragement as we will be spread out due to pace differences. I will be aiming to run a 8.13 mile pace which will allow me to make it to Four Mile Creek and Ballantyne Commons intersection and back by 6:15. I have listed below two Strava Routes, one using Whitehorn Drive on the way back and the other 4 mile Creek out and back.

Four Mile Creek Regular Route

Four Mile Creek Whitehorn Option

Mountain Goats, this will be a challenging route. However, we have been doing some intense interval training at Mountain Goat for the better part of 2 months now. YHC, Retread and Slim Fast know you’ll do great. This is a you against you type of run, pace groups are highly encouraged as we will likely space out upon reaching Raintree. Runs of this nature help to increase endurance and build the physical and mental toughness needed to tackle longer runs. See everyone tomorrow at 5:15

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