Anniversary Who?

Anniversary Who?

It’s Bullwinkle’s Anniversary Q. It’s been a year since he began to arrive at F3 workouts late, talk trash, skip reps and become literally half the man he used to be in that good F3 way. He asked for this Q last Friday in honor of his anniversary and we gladly gave it to him. Unfortunately, his Q was problematic. Main problem being he didn’t show up. This left us in a quandary. We could honor him by skipping the workout entirely or one of us is going to have to be an emergency Bullwinkle anniversary Q. I had a secondary plan for a Q that I did recently (and failed to do a BB for) so I decided to implement it here. Let’s go.

Mosey around the parking lot since it is supposed to be a running gear workout (some of you forget the running part but I am a voice for lonely gear such as shoes).

SSH IC x25
Abe Vagoda IC x10

Grab your bell, choose a partner and let’s mosey over to the hill. Country Living seems to believe a bigger bell means something. I tend to believe it’s compensating for something else that’s smaller. But, either way, let’s move on to the actual work.

DORA 1-2-3 w/ KB
100 Goblet Squats
200 Curls
300 Swings

Partner 1 runs up the hill backwards on snow and does 10 bombjacks. Partner 2 does the KB exercises. Flapjack as necessary until all exercises if done. If done early, do sets of 10 each of the three exercises until all teams are done. This took some time esp those swings

Recovery mosey around the parking lot.

Time for a DORA .5-1-1.5 w/ KB
50 Tricep Extensions
100 Skullcrushers w/ Leg Lifts (KB and legs meet at your midsection)
150 Flutter Presses w/KB

10 LBCs at the top of the hill and this time a regular run up the hill.

Recovery mosey around the parking lot.

Back to KB for a few Mary exercises.
Rosalita w/ KB press IC x20
Rosalita (no KB) IC x25
Backscratchers IC x20


– Without a plan, this ended up working out well anyways. Much grumbling = Success
– Shepherd wiped out at some point. In proper Pastor form, I heard no cussing and not even a Christian cussing word like shoot or dangit. #example
– Country Living watched my form a lot. Especially on the Goblet Squats I think. The staring is weird. #metoo
– I should have wrote this BB last Friday as I can’t remember as much of the mumblechatter. #BBlazy #guilty
– Kotters to Jabberwocky. He’s no longer dead to me. Countertop is still #deadtome

Speaking of which, as a man who wears yoga pants has announced on the F3UC FB page, it’s proper form for a Q to do a Backblast. They are helpful if you need to reference exercises later and just good for busting balls. You should do them. And by you, I mean me. I’m guilty too and will try to pick this up. Hold me accountable if I don’t.

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