King of the Hill

King of the Hill

From now on, the only woman I’m pimpin’ is sweet lady propane. And I’m trickin’ her out all over this town.

Hank Hill


A dozen posted in questionable weather for a little King of the Hill.  The count would have been one less, had I not signed up on the Skunkworkgenius, but leadership and all . . .



  • Partner up and farmer carry to base of hill
  • Warmup COP
  • 4 exercises, don’t forget them – swing, squat, high pull, overhead press.
  • P1 exercise, P2 run the hill to the road – repeat X4
  • Drop a level, repeat X4 – 30 swings and a plank
  • Drop a level, repeat  X4 – 30 swings and a plank
  • Drop a level, repeat X4 – 30 swings and a plank
  • Farmer back to launch
  • Mary



It’s always fun to draw the rain Q card.  It seems the longer I do this F3 thing, the less inclined I am to want to go and crawl around in the mud and crud.  Let’s say that I have developed a more refined palette.  Well preference be hanged, it was pouring rain when I flopped out of the sack this morning but the little guy on my shoulder thumped me in the ear and sped me on my way.

I had some other things planned that involved grass and a field and probably a good bit of mud, but that seemed about as dicey as  a Craig’s List babysitter so we extended the thrills on the hills.

Blazing saddles was wearing a mysterious vest.  I can’t remember if he had on short sleeves under it or not.  I don’t trust a man who wears a vest with short sleeves.  That’s like a belt and suspenders, but without the fashion benefits.  Funny thing, Lex came up to me asking if I had seen a missing vest before the workout.  Then Blaze is running around with this mysterious vest on, and Lex just ignores it.  It was definitely an elephant in the room.

Harley was begging to go stand under the tennis court pavilion the whole time.  I wasn’t sure if he wanted the whole group to go, or just us two, and it got a little weird for a few mins there.   I changed the subject pretty quickly but I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings.

Tweetsie and Lois are inseparable.  I heard that once Lois convinced Tweetsie to bust into the bottom layer of  the M’s Whitman’s sampler before the top layer had been completely polished off.  I think that was a pretty awkward Valentine’s day for everyone involved.

It’s good to have Country Livin back with us.  He vanished for a couple of years.  Word on the street was that he was banned from the local Lowes for using the display toilet and things escalated from there.  Anyway, he looks slim and trim and it’s good to see him again.

Haven’t had that much fun at church since I got kicked out of the sanctuary for teaching the kids about Jeremiah the Bullfrog during the Christmas cantata.  I’m sure there was a lot more going on that I missed.  I was in the zone dawg.  Gonna feel that one soon.



– Horsehead







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HarleyPosted on2:09 am - Jan 24, 2018

My favorite part was Horsehead’s well rehearsed preamble- “I’ve got a bad shoulder, a queasy stomach and a questionable plan.” Must have practiced that line 20 times, beautiful. Great to see Night Court and Country Livin’ back out there. And that hill was terrible.

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