Can’t Hear From Back Here

Can’t Hear From Back Here

With the announcement of Bratwurst’s return, 7 PAX put on their shorts, shoes and headlamps to venture out for the Landen- Ardrey 5mi Loop at Blakovery.  Arriving at his usual time (5:15), Bratwurst took off out of his Toyota and there we went.

This is the Landen-Ardrey route: leaving the AO going down Rea towards Elevation Church.  Turn right into Landen subdivision, then right onto Hirsch Drive. left on Hanworth Trace Drive, left on Albury Walk Lane, right onto Castlebay, left onto Tonawanda Drive, right onto Burnside Ln, onto Ardrey  Woods, from there somehow we ended up making a left onto Community House, right onto Ardrey Kell and back to home base for stretching led by Paper Jam.


Usually I have some words of wisdom or lesson learned from my Monday morning post, but you really can’t pick up any of the good mumblechatter for a backblast when you are about a 100 yards behind everyone else.  I need to pick up the pace.

The only thing I discovered was that Picasso is a true artist when it comes to hanging shelves in his house…or was that Meatloaf…also I could swear that we ran by Escobar’s house. I was not sure because it looked like his Range Rover was in the drive way and I wouldn’t think that he would fartsack on a Monday morning.

This was the 2nd opportunity for me to use a headlamp I was given as a Christmas present. Obviously someone in my household confused me for a runner.  So this morning, to my surprise, when I pushed the button for the headlamp, only a red light displayed. Confused and dismayed, I attempted to get the lamp to work but to no avail. Fast forward to this evening, Paper Clip was able to teach me how it works-apparently he had been exploring the closets of the house with it and discovered all the tricks.

Thanks JRR Tolkien for running some with me-good to catch up and Brat and rest of the crew for circling back.


BroOlympics 2/24/28. Participate. Volunteer. Just be there.

Take out by Bratwurst.

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