Buns of steel

Buns of steel

11 long standing members of F3 nation kicked their week off at The Matrix this morning.  With the virtual shovel flag firmly planted in the cloud, the garmin striking 0530, and the weather just about perfect, we set off for a warm up lap around the school and down to the lower lot.


  • SSH x 20
  • Slow Rising Merkins x 10
  • IW x 20
  • Low Slow Squat x 15
  • MC x 20
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10

The Circuit:

Run to the area that used to have the stumps (RIP stumps) and find a tire in the ground

  • Merkins x 10 on tires
  • Deep Squat x 10

Run to playground equipment

  • Pull up x 10

Run to raised sidewalk between parking lots in front of school

  • Romanian Dead Lifts IC x 10
  • Freddie Mercury IC x 10

Back to playground equipment

  • Pull up x 10

Repeat the above for 4 rounds with each exercise moving up in reps (15, 20, 25) except for pull ups (stay at 10…or AMRAP)

Orange Whip led some mary waiting for everyone to wrap up. Mosey back to driveway between our parking lot and the lower lot and partner up.

Gummy’s Inch Worm:

  • P1 run to stop sign and back to P2
  • P2 does called exercise moving forward until P1 returns.  Flap Jack until both partners at stop sign.
    • Burpee Broad Jump
    • Bear Crawl
    • Crab Walk

Lunge Walk back to YHC’s car.  Yep.


  • LBC x 20
  • Leg Lift/Glute Crunches x 20

All Done.

Ye Naked Moleskin:

Solid group of seasoned F3 veterans out there today.  Disclaimer done after the warm up lap, although not needed.  I did it for you, Mermaid.  Are you even reading these?

It took somewhere between 2 and 45 minutes for me to get back into Q form.  My cadence may have gotten a little off and my directions a little murky, but we managed.  Thanks Gummy for pointing out all of those moments.  Speaking of, Cotters to Gummy.  Thanks for driving an extra 3 minutes to see us and for letting us get you back in the fold before you Q Hydra this week.

We went heavy on toning the glutes today (squats, dead lifts, lunges, leg lifts).  Major muscle often underworked.  A lot of running injuries are spurred from inactive glutes.  Your welcome.  Hit the foam rollers tonight, kids.

Rachel was smoking it per usual this morning.  Come to find out he didn’t understand my Dead Lift cadence count.  He may have only done half of them, although he still would have smoked us doing them all.  Orange Whip wasn’t too far behind either.  If you haven’t witnessed his Burpee Broad Jumping, he could take the gold in the next Brolympics if they have that as an event.  I meant to make a disclaimer before that to partner up with someone your opposite, but I didn’t need to once I saw OW & Gummy partnered up.  It all evened out.

Lobsta was grinning as much as he possibly will allow in anticipation of another Pats Super Bowl.  Viewing party at his house.  All Eagles fans are welcome.

Great job everyone.  Thanks to Gummy for the takeout.  No other announcements.


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GummyPosted on8:58 pm - Jan 22, 2018

Yes, it was nice to be back out there. My weather tolerance band is narrowing as I age, but 45 and no rain is hard to complain about. I do have some comments:

Arena – Dude has gotten fast (or smarter about his cheating) since I last worked out with him. He wasn’t far from Orange Whip as Pro’s time killer drug on.

Lex Luthor – He made me wonder why I haven’t considered a zip-up hoodie for workout wear. He had the hood up during warm ups while still cold, then dropped it as he warmed up. He could’ve easily unzipped to reveal a short-sleeve shirt as things progressed. Also, he looked really cool at the beginning. Way better than…

Lobsta Roll’s Patriots hat. Come on. It’s hard to give him too much crap though, partly because he was always way out ahead of me, but also because his accent proves he’s a hometown fan.

O’Tannenbaum – Worst Romanian Dead Lift form ever. Also, why are they called Romanian? I’ve been to Romania and never saw anyone doing those.

Orange Whip – He’s still fast. Especially considering that he was born in a Romanian orphanage. Either that or he visited one once.

Pop Tart – I see that he didn’t get any new workout shirts for Christmas and still has to steal his little kids’ shirts.

Prohibition – There were a few wobbles (no inflection on one cadence, uncertainty about weather-appropriate headgear, a giant time killing back-and-forth part of the workout), but overall solid Q. I’ll have to steal that Inchworm thing this Thursday.

Rachel – shorts, short sleeves, no hat, no gloves. Simple and fast. And so nice that I felt bad giving him crap about cheating.

Retread – Puttin’ in work again. He claims he hasn’t been posting much, but it didn’t show. Solid.

Witch Doctor – The Silent Assassin. He was smiling and getting things done all morning. Must be the herbs.

OrangeWhipPosted on12:25 am - Jan 23, 2018

Dude, I love the double back blast posted by Gummy. Nothing like a full PAX analysis. It was good to have you this morning. Especially considering our normal color analyst (McGee) didn’t show.

Nice Q by Pro. Good all around beat down and handled the hecklers in stride.

ProhibitionPosted on2:41 am - Jan 23, 2018

Yeah my next BB is just going to say, “see Gummy’s comments below”.

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