The Imposter Leads

The Imposter Leads

In preparation for my site VQ at Area 51, I arrived early to evaluate our weather and surface conditions. With everything clear, except for some icy patches, YHC sat patiently in his truck and developed the game plan.

At promptly 7:00, the disclaimer was given to the PAX, and we ventured off at a 8:30 pace for warm-up.  Getting very close to 1 mile (0.9 to be exact), we then circled in the back parking lot where the PAX noticed 3 KBs set out — which ended up just being for aesthetics. (More on that later).

COT was done (IW, SSH, LSS, Merkins, some Mary) — all in a 15-count cadence. Mosey to the school wall facing McKee Rd and the exercises went like this:

Wall sits (30 seconds regular + 30 seconds with air presses).

One legged squats—which don’t work on that curved brick facing! #lesson learned

Mosey to rock pile at end of soccer field and grab a lifting rock.  Partner up so that we have 4 stations, one at each light pole on the soccer field.

Exercises were (1st time thru)— 10 merkins, biceps curls, triceps extensions, overhead press.  Stations were rotated clockwise, with the merkins station being the timer.

2nd time thru (same format just pulled in a little to cut down on the distance)— 20 LBCs, Flutter Press, Louganis, American Hammer.

3rd time thru— 10 squat jumps, Regular Squats, Squat Thrusts, SMC.

Extended mosey back to launch.  10 burpees OYO + 1:30 plank hold. Done!


Well, it was my site VQ and it showed a bit!  Poor decision to try to use a curved brick wall for squats, followed by a very large rotating square exercise that saw the PAX get in about 50 biceps curls each.  Also, the teaser with the KBs were odd as YHC was definitely called out on it at the end! However, they looked great in triangular form for us to gaze upon during COT!  (I called an audible when I realized that the back end of that parking lot was covered in ice).

Another rookie mistake was being tricked by the PAX names.  You got me, Cold Cuts!  I was trying to figure out just who the REAL Ochocinco was!!

Thank to Abacus and Huggy Bear for the opportunity to lead!

Announcements: Continue to pray for Bout Time, his son, and the rest of his family.  DMZ is converging this upcoming Monday to Independence Park so that Bout Time can join.

Also continue to pray for Gremlin’s family, dealing with the loss of our brother.

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