That Stuff We Did That Time Last Year

That Stuff We Did That Time Last Year

10 PAX (including 2 Turkeys who survived another Thanksgiving) showed up in the cold, wet parking lot of Anvil. Little did they know that all they did that morning would come very close to being forgotten (thanks to a lazy/forgetful Q and a BB that almost never was).


  • Mosey down the big hill to Rea Rd and over to South County Library parking lot
  • COP: IW, LSS, LS Merkin, Mtn Climber
  • Speed bump suicide
    • Run to 1st speed bump, 10 jump squat, run back to start
    • Run to 2nd speed bump, 20 jump squat, back
    • 3rd speed bump, 30 jump squat, back
  • Mosey back across street and around the front of Calvary to the circle
  • Grab a seat on the wall for some alternating leg raises
  • Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock
  • Mosey with said rock to the parking lot with all the islands
    • 10 curl, 10 OHP, jog to next island, put down rock, run down around all remaining islands and back to rock
    • Repeat (runs get shorter each time) until you have reached the last island
  • Mary for a minute
  • Return trip
    • Mosey with rock to next island
    • 3 Rockies
    • Sprint back to where we started this set and then return to rock
    • Repeat (runs get longer each time) until you reached the last island (or time runs out)
  • Return rocks to the pile
  • Quick mosey back to launch to finish just in time
  • COT and someone on the take-out



Happy and sad to say this is the latest BB YHC has ever posted. Sat down to type up the RockZero BB and remembered this other Calvary Q I started writing about in Textpad then procrastination, holidays, excuses, and so on. Tempting to just ignore it and call it a loss, but then I pictured Purple Haze with his angry face on and it just didn’t sit right. More importantly, YHC at least wants the men who showed up to be counted as having been there, no matter how bad this BB ends up being.

Can’t remember all that much about the morning, but here are things I either remember, imagined up, or likely would have happened based on past experience:

  • Mermaid and Utah came together
  • Rachel, Purell and Lorax fought for the lead on various segments. Brilleaux snuck in there a few times for the win.
  • Everyone at Anvil did the entire workout, no quitting, no cutting corners
  • YHC was Qing at Anvil so it rained in the last 24 hours and we could not use Northface
  • Hops repeated Brilleaux’s name at COT in a distinctly French accent (Hops wasn’t there, but I heard it in my head anyway)
  • Lobstah tweeted out that I had the Q the night before¬†nope, nope and nope
  • Wild Turkey had a distinctly original, and painful, weinke planned in case I didn’t show up
  • Turkey Leg was pleased with the amount of miles we got for a day at Anvil
  • OT hummed the carol that is his namesake to himself while silently cursing me for the Rockies that were a lot like burpees, but more annoying
  • We did not do anything having to do with the days of Christmas. OT was as close as we got to anything Christmas themed

Great morning with these guys. Cobains on the late BB and anything I may have left out.

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